The Chosen Product: What’s the missing ingredient when choosing what to create

I created my first successful product in just 10 days. I realized the creation process is as valuable as the product itself and I want to share it. Welcome to the Making-of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes.

This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide! (All the chapters are here).

Do you know what your first product will be? I did too and then I changed my mind because of this

I started the Small Product Lab with a product in my mind but at the same time, I promised myself to follow every step of the lab.

The product I had in mind was a guide, the ultimate guide to take care of my kitty, before, during and after its spay surgery.

This is my kitty, my first kitty. She helped me become stronger and to act quickly no matter how I felt. I saw her suffer and, besides crying, I had to do something to make her feel better.

I learned a lot with her. And her spay surgery was the ultimate pyke of taking care of somebody else who wasn’t me, I slept in the living room with her, I gave her food with a syringe, I design a pijama for her not to touch her scars and helped her walk when she felt dizzy for the meds.

There were like 20 days until she was fully recovered.

I knew there might be out there other “new moms” of kitties who needed to know everything will be okay, you just have to be there and stay strong. So, I wrote a super long post in spanish about my experience about what I did before, during and after her spay surgery.

It quickly became in my most visited post and the visits were growing every month.

When I signed up for the Small Product Lab, I thought I just needed to translate that post, added more details and picture, package it and that was it.

I know I needed to make something small and that was perfect. But I also promised to follow every step in the lab.

So I did.

I did a list of the areas I’m happy with or have experience with and the material I read and then I made a list about product ideas, adding, of course, the kitty guide.

But then I had to grade every product idea with 4 columns.

  1. From 1 to 5, how possible is to create this in 10 days?
  2. From 1 to 5, how excited I am to create this?
  3. Sum the grades.And I guess you won’t be surprised to know that the kitty guide had a full 10 because it was in my mind as the #1 product!But then, the 4th column happened.
  4. Does this product will make me reach my personal goals? The ones I wrote on the blank page.

And the kitty guide didn’t help me to do that at all. It felt like a bucket of ice falling in my back. It was a slap from the reality. If I wanted to create something good enough for my professional goals, I had to do it from the beginning and shortcuts weren’t allowed.

I checked the list of product ideas again and I had a product with a 9 next to it. I asked myself if it’ll help me to reach my personal goals, and it did.

And that is basically how I chose to create The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes.

I really didn’t know what would happen after I publish it but Chris Hawkins told me that, even if my creation was ignored, I would have an asset that will speak for me and my work.

I wrote that in my heart.

I knew I had to choose The Mini-Guide because it had a high grade + it’ll help me to reach my goals. And I understood the days the excitement was over or it didn’t felt as easier as like the grades I wrote, what’d keep me going was the certainty that I’ll be closer to my goals.

It was wise to choose my first product with goals in the equation.

When you choose a project to focus on or a product to create, yes, pay attention to what you’re excited about but also, add goals to the equation. Duty will keep you going when excitement is over in the hard days.

This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide where I share everything I know about writing books! (If you want to read all the past chapters go here).

The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes was created under the Small Product Lab July 2015 hosted by Gumroad. I’m forever grateful with Gumroad and Small Product Lab for those 10 days.

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