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How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan by MailChimp

This guide was one of the first guides I read about Email Marketing.

What I like the most about this guide was that was written in human language, no technicalities whatsoever.

I read this a few years ago, when I was starting my email newsletter and I didn’t know what to do, when I opened a MailChimp account because it was the friendliest choice around, or at least the only choice I knew about, when I didn’t even imagine I needed a Marketing Plan.

I found this guide on the MailChimp site in the Resources section. It’s not there anymore, since they’ve updated most of their resources. But they still have plenty of guides you might want to check.

Another thing I love about MailChimp and their resources is they know how to give their users what they need. They upload 3 types or archives for every guide or case study. I could read all of their guides on my Kindle Keyboard. ❤

As I told you before, I couldn’t find the landing page for this very guide but I just found the .pdf on the MailChimp site if you want to read it!

It’s totally free.

And if you have an email list but don’t know why or how to actually take full advantage of it, you really want to read the How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan.

How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan by MailChimp.

This is guide made by MailChimp.

It will help you to realize the value your email list has and how to take full advantage of it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting with your emails or you have a few months with it. The sooner you read this guide, the better.

If you use MailChimp, you definitely need to read this guide. But if you’re using another platform to send your emails, just take the general knowledge with you.

It will help you to define your readers, determine your purpose, outline your goals, determine your frequency and create a timeline. Everything you need in human language to start a great email newsletter.

Interesting quotes from How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan by MailChimp.

  1. Your content is the most important part of your email newsletters.
  2. Let them be the first to know about any important or interesting news (such as sales, new products, business changes, etc.). Give them access to special benefits as subscribers.
  3. Some common things to include in an e-newsletter are:
    1. Industry news and information.
    2. Useful tips and tricks.
    3. Surveys and polls.
    4. Special offers and exclusive coupongs.
    5. Q&As.
    6. Promotional material.
    7. Photos of staff around your office.
  4. We recommend that you email your list at least monthly, but don’t feel the need to commint to that immediatly. Feel free to skip a month if you don’t have anything truly useful to say.
  5. If you are doing a more general e-newsletter that discusses news and special events, then a monthly newsletter might be a better fit.

You can read this guide here: How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan by MailChimp.

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