How to manage your list by MailChimp

While the How to: Create an Email Marketing Plan told me I needed a plan, I really didn’t have any concrete examples of what to do with my email list until I read How to manage your list by MailChimp.

How to manage your list helps a lot with the possibilities because it tells you what can be done and what should be done in your list. It doesn’t just tell you “you have to have a list”.

I know having an email list is a must in these days, where email is the only way where we can privately have an interesting conversation or where we can share all of our creation process to who really wants to know what’s happening in the deepest and more meaningful way. But it can be a challenge if “sending emails” is the only thing coming to my head when talking about an email list.

This guide explains widely everything about how to properly manage an email list, how to start an email list from scratch, how to grow the opt-in list and how to keep that email list clean!

I come from a time where having the most of people of Facebook was the ultimate race! So, you can imagine my surprise when I read that one of the best practices for my email list is deleting emails.

This guide is not on the sight of the MailChimp Resources but the .pdf is still there, so I’m linking it at the end of this post! ❤

The good thing about the How to manage your list guide is that talks about the possibilities of your list, gives concrete examples of how to accomplish certain tasks (you can try those tasks or simply create even more things knowing the possibilities) but also it helps you a lot by knowing how to do that in the platform.

This guide is available for free and made by MailChimp.

It’s great if you’re starting your list and don’t know what to do with it (besides, of course, sending emails) or have no clue on how to grow it.

Interesting quotes from How To Manage Your List by MailChimp.

  1. Offer free giveaways to lucky newsletter subscribers. It can be a company t-shirt or something fun, like a giant box of candy.
  2. In your “Contact Us” form on your website, add a checkbox to sign up for your newsletter. If someone is filling out a contact form, then they’re already interested in your company, and you’re already gathering information from them, so why not ask if they’ll subscribe?
  3. Offer a coupon, discount or special offer to new newsletter subscribers. You can use MailChimp’s Autoresponders to send an automatic welcome email with the special offer every time someone subscribes.
  4. An average open rate is somewhere between 20 and 30%.
  5. It may seem like overkill, but research shows that a renewal series is more effective at retaining subscribers than a single notice.

You can read this guide here: How To Manage Your List by MailChimp.

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