The Writing Plan: What’s the best kept secret about writing a book?

I created my first successful product in just 10 days. I realized the creation process is as valuable as the product itself and I want to share it. Welcome to the Making-of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes.

This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide! (All the chapters are here).

The Writing Plan: What’s the best kept secret about writing a book?

The best kept secret about writing books is that books are not written by inspiration but organization. Inspiration gives ideas but organization brings the book to life. I’m sorry, there’s no trick* or magic, it’s just organization and hard work.

I want to share my Writing Plan.

I like to work with everything I have, this is why my Writing Plan it seems basic, but I swear there’s no tricks behind a book. It’s just me, my computer and all the tools I have in a certain order.

The big areas of my Writing Plan are:

  • Write the book (green).
  • Write the landing page (purple).
  • Publish it in my galleries (pink).
  • Write bonuses for early buyers (aqua).
  • Publish it in the 3 places with higher conversion rates for presale (orange).
  • Publish it in every social media channel I’m a part of for presale (blue).

Once I decided what my big areas are, I like to divide those big areas into simple tasks. It’s just easier for me to read “create the perfect title” than “write the book” for example.

One thing I like to be clear about is I like to start the presale stage when I have the content ready. I just like to be sure that, when the launch date comes, I have at the very least the content already written.

Many other people like to start the presale when they have the idea, and that’s ok. It’s just a matter of organization in their own writing plan. They just decided to write and publish the landing page first and then write the book.

Also,¬†I know I might be a little bit conservative here but I like to make things with the tools I already have. For example, I don’t like doing ads but because I feel it’s more organic to share what I’m creating with the people who already show interest. Sometimes, I like to be more about what I have now instead of dreaming of the possibilities.

Maybe I could reach a bigger audience with ads or maybe I could annoy them by making ads and interrupt them while they’re reading something they’re interested in. That’s a doubt that I don’t have the time to answer when my focus is to write a book.

That’s why I decided to publish in every social media channel I have, because if someone took the time to click that follow button is because they truly want to know something about me. I feel better talking to real people who have shown real interest.

If running ads fits you, do it, add it to your writing plan and forget about what I said.

*I know I said there’s no trick but I like to reward myself and that might be a trick I’m using to accomplish every task in the Writing Plan. I love desserts like crazy and everytime I finish a big area, I reward myself with a dessert! Maybe it’s not the trick you were waiting for but rewarding myself with a treat has helped me feel like a winner who’s making steady progress.

This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide where I share everything I know about writing books! (If you want to read all the past chapters go here).

The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes was created under the Small Product Lab July 2015 hosted by Gumroad. I’m forever grateful with Gumroad and Small Product Lab for those 10 days.

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