Milestones that made me happy this January 🚀

2016 started better than I thought!

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Guatemala, again and spend the most amazing 2 weeks with my family! And also started trying a few things like a schedule and more video content. And, based on the milestones that made me happy this January, I think it worked!

Milestones that made me happy this January 🚀

+300 readers on Medium!

This is a surprise. A double surprise. In the annual blogging report of 2015, Medium was one of the top referring sites for my blog. Which was a surprise because I only posted 1 article. I only use Medium for reading.

So, after watching that stat, I tried to post a little bit on Medium and my reward were +300 readers! That was a double surprise definitely! Thank you so much! ❤

If you want to see what I posted on Medium, here’s my profile:

+200 posts on Vine!

I’m feeling super comfortable sharing tiny videos on Vine. I like it so much, I don’t know why I didn’t do it that often! But, I’ve redeemed myself, I’m posting regularly since I have so many content from my last travel and… honestly, I didn’t feel like making a long vlog about it. Feels better to show my life in little chunks. 🙂

Vine is cool and I know I’m late for it but I’m starting to like it. If you Vine, perhaps you want to check my Vines, too (be cautious about this because I upload athletics, family, food and traveling over here… and sometimes I just laugh too darn loud!):

January was a great month, full of surprises and answers! Can’t wait to see the February’s outcome! 🙂

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