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MailChimp for Bloggers by MailChimp

Can you imagine being used to deliver your posts through certain service and then knowing that service will shut down in a few days? That’s exactly what happened to me.

I felt anxious, most of my readers were Google Reader users. I needed to find something to deliver my content and, somehow, that led me to MailChimp.

Now that I remember, this is why I started an email newsletter.

MailChimp is a service of email marketing and almost any company who has something to say and somebody to say it to can use it.

I use it to deliver my content in a monthly basis since Google Reader was shutted down. And, as it was a new service, I thought about adding the newsletter to appeal more people and make the moving out/moving in a little bit more interesting.

But I thought about the newsletter until I knew what MailChimp could do for me. I studied first.

I visited the MailChimp Resources and read almost every guide that I thought it was perfect for me.

As I said earlier, almost anybody can use MailChimp but how can a musician can use it? How can a marketer? How can a blogger? How can a company? Eventhough we’re talking about the same platform, the approach is different. And since I’m a writer, a blogger, a content creator and all things about writing… the perfect guide for me to study was MailChimp for Bloggers.

This guide can be read for free. And it’s made for people who have a blog and want to deliver content through email. ❤

MailChimp for Bloggers by MailChimp.

The first two books about MailChimp were about why you need to have an email marketing plan and how to manage an email list. There were super general topics but now is what an email marketing platform can actually do for people who write and how to do it and what it means.

If you ask me, I think a blog cannot live for itself anymore. A blog needs an email list and social media. This is why this guide is so important. Because a blog has a better chance to survive with email and social media.

This guide talks about how to grow a blog, build an audience and a couple of tutorials every blogger needs.

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve been blogging for years or just started. I think you’ll benefit from this.

This time, you’re really lucky because this guide has been updated. Which means IT IS available in the MailChimp Resource and you can download it in more than just .pdf format. It’s available as .pdf, .mobi and .epub ❤

The edition I read talked about increasing audience engagement, build your email list, set up an RSS-To-Email campaign, customize with merge tags, work with templates, socialize your campaigns, track and report. I bet the new edition has more tips and tricks.

This guide is priceless but costs nothing.

Only read it if you’re interested in growing your blog, learn about how to deliver your content through email to your audience for their comfort and develop a relationship with your audience. ❤

Interesting quotes from MailChimp for Bloggers by MailChimp.

  1. You could send exclusive content to your mailing list, like special articles or sales. You could inform them about updates and news that may be outside the scope of your typical blog postings, or new items for sale in your online store.
  2. The bottom line is this: When people sign up to receive updates from you, they’re saying “I’m interested in what you have to say”.
  3. We think email and RSS work beautifully together, and we recommend that bloggers allow their readers to choose how they consume new content.
  4. Social media is great for networking, quick updates, and linking to articles, while email campaigns are better for delivering content and providing in-depth updates.
  5. Social. A lightweight and totally free addition to WordPress, Social handles a lot of the heavy lifting of making your blog seamlessly integrate with Facebook and Twitter. You can associate your accounts with your blog and its users, and when you publish a post, it will broadcast through those channels. Mentions, retweets, and @reply comments are then conveniently aggregated in one place.
  6. You’ll want to check out our Instagram integration. And if you are one of the many folks who “organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web”, our Pinterest integration is worth investigating.

You can read this guide here: MailChimp for Bloggers by MailChimp.

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