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Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog by The Editors,

It feels really good to read an official book saying that everything you’re doing with your blog is the right thing to do. That’s what I felt reading this one.

Sometimes you don’t need plugins or the ultimate hacks, you just need common sense.

Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog is a book by talking about exactly that. Having in mind that you don’t have plugins in, the only work you can do is actually honest, smart and creative work.

I read this book for curiosity, actually. Maybe I was looking for a confirmation that all I was already doing was the right way to grow a blog. Or maybe I wanted to see if I was missing something and wanted to apply it immediatly. I can’t remember.

But what I can remember is that all my thoughts about SEO were confirmed in this book. I confirmed nobody needs a freaking plugin to SEO, it’s just you and your content.

I found this book in 2014, which means it’s pretty recent and what’s best, it’s timeless. See, it doesn’t tell you what the best hacks or technologies to use. It talks about the basic practices to build your blog and be a part of a community so you can grow your traffic. You can do that now or in 10 years. You can do it on or another platform.

What I love the most about this book is that you can read it anywhere. I’m so lucky I found the Kindle version for this. It’s an .epub and .pdf version as well.

This book is free and it’s available in WordPress website. (Link at the end of this post).

If you’re a blogger or are just curious or if you’re looking to learn something new about blogging in general or about WordPress in specific or maybe you’re starting out with your own blog, you’ll definitely want to read this.

Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog by The Editors,

This book contains Tips and Tricks for the Tenacious Blogger. That’s the motto, but seriously, contains all the information needed about traffic, blog, community, SEO and content.

The reason this book is a must it’s because it was written by the editors at WordPress. The amount of data they have available for publishing these tips as best practices of blogging are not made up, they have data backing up everything that’s in this book.

Eventhough it was written on 2014, it’s still vigent since the content is aiming to the core of writing, find readers and be a part of a community.

Available for Kindle, Apple devices and tablets, phones and computer with a .mobi, .epub and .pdf edition.

Some of the topics in the book are:

  • Looking for traffic in all the righ places.
  • Understanding your blog’s performance.
  • All about SEO.
  • The art and craft of branding.

Totally free and available for immediate download.

Read it if you have a blog, if you’re new at blogging or if you’re a tenacious blogger.

Interesting quotes from Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog by The Editors,

  1. Write regularly. Producing fresh content on a regular basis is essential. As we mentioned in the previous chapter, it makes your blog more appealing to search engines, which means new readers are more likely to find you.
  2. Don’t forget to tag. Unless you’re already a famous entity offline, readers won’t search specifically for your blog.
  3. You’re the most important member of your audience, and should enjoy the experience. Fun tends to be contagious: a writer who enjoys blogging regardless of traffic is, paradoxically, more likely to attract it.
  4. Online and off, safety should always trump convenience.
  5. SEO recommendations are intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search engines, like Google.
  6. The more traffic your blog receives for sailboat-related searches, the higher it will climb in Google’s results.
  7. It’s best to use only a few, carefully selected categories and tags for each post – those that are most relevant to what the post is about.
  8. Google wants people to use its search engine as much as you want them to visit your website, so its goal is to return the most useful results for any given query.
  9. Fact: SEO is mostly common sense. While large organizations might need to hire a specialist to help them reach some very specific SEO goals, bloggers and small business owners can do everything required for good SEO on their own. Google is very transparent about its process – it has a guide for SEO best practices and it shares any new changes in its methods on its blog.
  10. Make sure to use short, easy-to-read post slugs that accurately describe what your posts are about.
  11. Create a descriptive tagline for your blog that explains what your site is about.
  12. Use narrow and specific keywords that will help interested readers find your site.
  13. Be sure to publish new posts or update your content regularly, even if you have a website.
  14. The surest way to improve your site’s ranking is to regularly publish interesting, creative content that people want to read.
  15. Lead with the end in mind. If you’re writing to educate, be it to share a personal anecdote or offer hard-won advice, it’s good to ask yourself: What’s the most important thing I want my reader to remember from reading this post? Crafting the answer into a post title automatically reinforces your most important point for the reader, making sure your message not only gets heard, but remembered.
  16. When you know what your most popular posts are, on the one hand, and what your strongest traffic days are, on the other, you can start maximizing on the patterns you detect.
  17. Many bloggers prefer greater liberty in their topic selection or in their publishing frequency.
  18. Building a loyal audience, however small – an audience that knows they can rely on your consistency – is a major step toward growing your blog’s readership beyond your immediate network and expanding into the blogging community at large.
  19. Whenever you sit down at the computer to whip up a post or spend 15 minutes futzing on Twitter, commit to leaving five substantive comments on five different blogs.
  20. As a blogger, your brand is:
    1. Your site’s personality.
    2. Your name, tagline, color scheme, and design (including your logo).
    3. A promise you make to readers about what they’ll find on your site.
    4. The way you represent yourself and your blog in other spaces online (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…) and off (your business cards).
    5. The thing that differentiates your blog from the seventy kazillion other blogs.

You can read this book here: Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog by The Editors,

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