Milestones that made me happy this March ðŸ“š

March was amazing, a little bit full of work but amazing!

I had my first exams of the semester and, thank God, I passed the first hurdles with no big issues. I’m still in the run! ❤ Also, I enjoyed the Holy Week more than I imagined. I studied until Glory Saturday and only slept 2 days but I ate a lot of torrejas. 🙂

Also, I finally ate chilaquiles, again! I discovered Pizza Hut offers green chilaquiles as one of their breakfasts and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course, I went to try them!

And last but not least, I started playing Final Fantasy VII. I took a picture of the important keys because the first time I played it, all of the characters were running except mine. I press the button all I could and still my character was walking. Hahahahhaa. I’m getting better at it, though.

March taught me a lot of things about focus and discipline, I’m still learning but I’ve learn so far that as long as you’re disciplined, a lot of great things happen, like the milestones I’m about to celebrate with you!

Milestones that made me happy this March 📚

+900 photos on Instagram.

I love Instagram so much, I have now +900 photos shared there! Woohoo. And there’s still more to come! I like to share just one per day, so if you’d like to see one picture per day from me, here’s my profile: ❤

80 people read my mails!

I wrote about this just a few days ago: I started writing my book even though I only had 3 email subscribers and now, we’re 80! I can’t believe how much my list has grown so far. I’m very thankful for everyone of you who wants to keep in touch with me! ❤

Right now, I’m sharing everything I know about writing books, so if you’re writing a book, I think you need to hop on my list right now: ❤

Also, I added a pop-up in this blog (yes, now you can add pop-ups on WordPress) so, if you want to join my email list without leaving this blog, just sign up when the thingy appears. 🙂

20 subscribers on Youtube

What! This is what surprised me the most to be honest! My Youtube channel is like the most ignored thing in the world and I was just uploading some videos to spice my posts up (like me reading books or the video with a lot of photos of the month for the milestones post). But, somehow it has called the attention of 20 of you! ❤

Thank you so much for it. I’m excited about that because my plans for April are take a part of VEDA, a tag that stands for Vlogging Every Day April, which means I’ll be sharing my life with 20 people. ❤

If you want to see my videos, check them out at 🙂

20 followers on Facebook.

I finally got my vanity URL back! I’m /Queith again! ❤ I’ve been moving all of my stuff to the new profile (yes, you read that correctly, profile, I’m not doing a Facebook page) and 20 of you wanted to know what’s up! Thank you so much for all your love!

My new profile is (I’m closing the other profile for good this weekend, so if you want us to be friends, make sure to visit my new profile). 🙂

And this is it for March! I’m so happy for having a blessed month. Can’t wait to see what April brings besides spring, warmth, my birthday and my second round of tests at University. ❤

If you want to save time writing to spend it on the things you really want, join my newsletter: ❤

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