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The first cover: Is it ok if I design my book cover?

I created my first successful product in just 10 days. I realized the creation process is as valuable as the product itself and I want to share it. Welcome to the Making-of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes.

This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide! (All the chapters are here).

The book cover: Is it ok if I design my book cover?

Short answer: yes, it’s ok if you design your book cover.

Long answer: Yes, that’s my first cover right there. I did it by myself and I’m not that proud of the first result to be honest. It looks so cluttered.

But that’s the good part of that cover, I did it and that was only the first edition.

I know that my design skills aren’t my strongest skill, but I knew I could pull¬†something¬†off because I wanted it to be¬†really flat and simple. As every logo and icon is now. You just have to look at your phone to notice that’s the trend: simple and flat.

Having that in mind, I just had to decide what to add to¬†the cover, and as you can see, I decided to add EVERYTHING. And it doesn’t¬†look that great. But that not so great cover is a start¬†and¬†there’s only one way from here: forward.

So I kept playing with the fonts and their¬†thickness. I deleted the url and added my logo. Then deleted the logo. Then, played with my name and its position, then deleted it. And playing here, moving there, I came up with a not-so-bad final cover that I’m actually proud of!


What a difference from the first cover, huh!?

Truth is, if you want to do something, no matter what it is, if you have the set of skills to do it and you know you will be patient with the result, you should do it. I give myself permission to fail at the first attempts of the design of my things because I don’t see myself as a designer, but I know that if I push hard enough, I can pull something off.

If you don’t have the time to fail several attempts or if you don’t have the patience, hire somebody who will be happy to help you. You’ll both win.

Talking about winning. After Gumroad announced me as the Small Product Lab Winner, I decided to change the cover. I mean, who wouldn’t be proud to show that your book won a prize, right!?


This post is part of the new series on my blog, the Making-of The Mini-Guide where I share everything I know about writing books! (If you want to read all the past chapters go here).

The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes was created under the Small Product Lab July 2015 hosted by Gumroad. I’m forever grateful with Gumroad and Small Product Lab for those 10 days.

If you want to read the next chapter of the Making-of The Mini-Guide when is ready, join¬†here: ‚̧

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