Milestones that made me happy this April 🎂

April is my favorite month ever! ❤ It feels right to be born in April because everything starts in April. The spring, the flowers, the juicy fruits, a year of my life, a season at the church, a season at the stadium. It’s just right and I feel so blessed to celebrate one more year every April.

But this April was more than I could asked for! It was amazing, it was the first time I ate 4 cakes! FOUR CAKES! ❤ And had a lot of lunches for celebrating me as well, I feel so blessed and happy to be surrounded by such amazing people that wanted to celebrate life with me! ❤

And also, I had the honor to celebrate life with some other amazing human beings who were born in April, such as my mom’s best friend, my University friend Roberto and my best friend Sara.

As this is my favorite month, I tried something new: I tried vlogging every day during all April. I thought I’d feel more comfortable sharing little chunks of my life during my favorite month so I gave it a try! Even though I did share little chunks of my life literally speaking, let me tell you it was harder than it looks! It was a great experience, I don’t think I’ll vlog everyday but I’ll vlog more often for sure! 🙂

But more on that later, let’s focus on the milestones that made me happy this April! ❤

Milestones that made me happy this April 🎂

+12,000 loops on Vine!

What, just, what! It’s been like barely 2 months since I last told you I’ve reached a 11k milestone and look at where are we now! Vine is so cool and even though I was so late for it, this reminds me that it doesn’t matter if I’m late for anything as long as I’m having fun! Thank you so much for remind me this amazing lesson, you guys! ❤

I try to share micro chunks of my life in Vine, so if you’re interested, I’ll see you at

200 subscribers on WordPress!

Thank you so much! ❤

I can’t thank you enough for this milestone. Seriously, thank you!

This year I promised to myself to work hard to write a new post every Monday in English (which is not my mother language) and stick to it the whole year. It’s barely a third of the year and I’m already receiving answers for this decision!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤

And I’m even more thankful since you got a post every day in April with the VEDA videos and you decide to stick with me, wow, I’m so thankful for every single one of you! ❤

If you’re just stopping by and feel like following this blog, please do! I’ve put a little button in the right bottom of this page that says “+ Follow” to do so. ❤

+100 videos on Youtube!

What a Youtube tag could do, huh! I’ve published more than 100 videos now and I know it was all thank to the #VEDA (it stands for Vlog Every Day in April).

I shared little chunks of my life and like I said before it was an amazing experience + it was harder than it looks. There were days that I just wanted to come home to sleep because I had some very active days but I had the commitment to upload a video.

I learned a lot about focus and camera settings and sound these days. I know I will use those skills soon but for now, I’ll focus in finishing my semester alive since finals are coming!

But you can watch some of the +100 videos here:

Thank you for every thing you do, thank you for still being here and thank you for staying longer. ❤

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The best frozen coffee I’ve ever tasted isn’t made by a coffee shop

The best frozen coffee I’ve ever tasted is made by an ice cream shop.

The best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted is made by a pizza place.

The best pupusas I’ve ever tasted are made in a marketplace.

Just because you’ve happen to choose your main thing doesn’t mean you have to be rigid about it.

You can be that amazing chef who is also the strongest girl in her team with an incredible gentle heart.

You can be that amazing coach who has a politics interest and an incredible passion for languages.

You can be that author who happens to study civil engineering and is also at the top-three discus throwers in her country.

If you feel that you’ve already chosen but want to try this new thing and this new thing won’t hurt anybody, go ahead and do it.

You might become my favorite iced coffee made by an ice cream shop. ❤

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Home upgrading

Now that I’ve prooved my intention with Civil Engineering is long-lasting, I’ve been granted to have more voice in the house decisions. It’s a gift and a responsability.

I know that you know that as a Civil Engineer, decorating the houses won’t be one of my actual functions but I can’t deny that upgrading a house I’ll built into a home is an actual dream that I can’t wait to happen. It’s like having the full package, the building and the purpose after the building in the same box.

That’s why I’m really happy my family trusted me this time to upgrade our house, not only in decorations terms, but some things like the new windows, new doors, a dishwasher and a couple more details. This means a lot to me.

I had a rough time trying to figure out my style in clothing, in hair and in matching my accesories. But that changes every day. So, this time I had to get serious because whatever change I made in the house, will be permanent (at least for a year).

So, why does this mean a lot to me? Because my family is giving me the honor to take some permanent decisions for all of us and also is giving me the opportunity to develop my own taste in home upgrading but also, in their way, they’re helping me to fall in love with my career a little bit more. I’m lucky they are trusting me this much.

I didn’t follow any fancy process, here. I just went for oil paint and then, started to play with the details. As it was my first time upgrading my home, I didn’t want the process to be rigid,  I just did what I felt and I’m feeling comfortable with the result. ❤