N Chocolate Lounge 🍫

After so long, I went to N Chocolate Lounge again to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 🎂

I thought it was a good idea since it has a variety of desserts and also they offer normal food besides desserts.

In a birthday is expected to eat dessert and that’s the main dish. The extra is the normal food, so I analyzed that it was better to visit a place that emphasizes its efforts in dessert and as an extra offers the normal food.

Also, I loved the view and the feel of the place. You really feel you’re in Europe or something. The decoration and the window help to that feel.

And what to say about that birthday cheesecake? My mom ordered a pizza waffle for lunch and saved the remain space for that chocolate cheesecake. 😍

I did something similar.

Happy birthday mom! 💕

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