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I don’t have Snapchat – here’s why. ðŸ‘»

I used to have a Snapchat account and now I don’t. Why? Well, the reason is simpler than it looks like and no, it isn’t because I’m a hipster who only liked the good old days.

To be honest, I didn’t know about Snapchat until Titi told me about it. She’s always encouraging me to try new things like new places, books, apps and clothes. So, I opened one to talk with her. And I had to open it with a third-party app called 6nap, because I use a Nokia Lumia.

Anyways, I opened Snapchat and the Queith username was already taken. If you tried to add me using that username on Snapchat: it’s not me! So, I took KathMontero and tried to use Snapchat for a month.

I was no expert at it, and it was rather private since I only had like 3 friends there, but I had an account. Suddenly, I got the notice that Rudy, the developer who made 6nap, was taking down the app because Snapchat wasn’t allowing third-party apps.

So, Snapchat didn’t develop an app for Lumia users. And took down the only third-party app Microsoft had. What’s worst: they deleted every account who used 6nap to log in.

Long story short: I still have my Lumia, I’m still waiting for an official Snapchat app for Microsoft, I don’t have Snapchat.

But I have a lot of other ways to get in touch with you:

  1. Blog. This blog you’re reading right now is the most important way to communicate I have since I spend most of the time writing, taking photos and uploading them to share my thoughts, my everyday life, how am I building to serve in every field I can and everything eventually ends up published here! You can subscribe on the +Follow button on the bottom-right to get a weekly email with my posts and never miss one!
  2. Instagram. The only app I use in a daily basis! I share one picture per day over there and I’m having the most of fun. ❤
  3. Twitter. Eventhough I don’t tweet like I used to a few years ago, I still read my Twitter and reply every two or three days, so you can just leave me a reply there and I’ll chat with you!
  4. Youtube. I like to upload little chunks of my life. Like unedited chunks of my life. 100% real life on my Youtube.
  5. Whatsapp. I give my personal Whatsapp to the people who buy my books so I can answer their questions quickly. If you want my personal Whatsapp, you just need to buy one of my books.

It’s not the first time I have to say no, voluntarily or not, to a social network. I promise you, I’ll survive. ❤

Por Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.