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My Gumroad prizes are here! 😍

Do you remember when I joined the Small Product Lab and wrote a book called The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes and that book end up winning an international prize (Small Product Lab July 2015 Winner)!?

Well, the prize didn’t consist in the title only. I got a lot of prizes. Digital and physical!

To be honest, I’m really grateful my first book in English got a title and +$500usd in prizes! It doesn’t happen every day, for sure!

I got the digital prizes real quick and I promise to talk about them in detail because I really loved them!

But today I’ll focus on the prizes that arrive home in a package because I was so excited! It felt like Christmas, to me! All the expectation, counting the days, weeks and even months (it took 2 months to arrive), thinking every day if something happened to the package on the way home or thinking they’d got home when I was at the University and miss my package forever.

I didn’t know for sure what to expect, the only thing I knew was coming was The Art of Work book but all the extras called “Gumroad swag” were a total surprise! ❤

Incredible, but when I saw the bible verse in the book I knew I was gonna love to read it, I knew it was the right book for me!

And what to say about that handwritten postcard I got from Gumroad!? I don’t think I’ll ever get to handshake the people who were at Gumroad when the Small Product Lab happened, ever! But now I have a piece of paper with their handwriting. I have a paper they spend time in. I have access to a such personal part of them. I can almost guarantee there are very little pieces of papers in the world with their handwriting but I’m lucky enough they sent one specially for me!

This is by far one of the best prizes I have ever won in my life!

Thank you so much, Gumroad, for creating the Small Product Lab, for choosing The Mini-Guide, for giving me the winning title and for honoring me to be the only lady who has the title (the other two winners of different editions are men!). Thank you so much! ❤

Want to see what’s inside? 😀

A little bit of Spain.

-Do you know where I really want to go?
-No, where?
-Spain. I just can’t wait to see those landscapes, castles and museums by myself! I can’t help but wonder how a real spanish tortilla tastes like!

And that was the first time I ever listened to my mom talking about one thing she really wants. The only two places I’ve heard her talking she wanted to visit was Canada (because her oldest son lives there) and Mexico (when I was living there). But this is exciting, this is the first time she wants to go somewhere just for the sake of traveling!

So, I told her: Mom, you know what? I’d love to take you to Spain, and that’s gonna happen for sure but I can’t right now. What I can do right now is take you to experience a little bit of Spain, I really think you’re gonna love it. And it’s a start!

There are a lot of Spanish tortillas recipes out there but how would I know if that’s how a real Spanish tortilla supossed to taste? Instead of cooking the tortilla, I started searching for a really good spanish restaurant in town and found one that had it all! She was excited and so was I.

Tapas y Vinos was outdoors, private, it had all the spanish mood going on, they played spanish music the entire time, waiters were really kind (they didn’t have the spanish accent, tho 😉 ), a lot of wines, the tables were extremely fancy white and she was happier than ever!

The first thing we ordered was the spanish tortilla, of course! And I ordered shrimp scampi. Since the portion was so big, I was full immediatly. She was happier than ever with her spanish tortilla. But since those were the entrèes and we tought the portions couldn’t be any bigger, we felt adventurous and also ordered the meat paella.

Oh, Lord! That paella was huge! Thank God it was as big as delicious! I can still remember how I felt when I saw that casserola filled with meat paella just for the two of us!

It was all worth it, for sure, I swear that smile of her meant everything to me! ❤

A cocoon at my sister’s backyard

My sister threw a birthday lunch for my mom. She knows the best gift we love to get is her food because she has good seasoning. She cooked this amazing creamy pasta and added a salad so we don’t feel guilty about eating too many carbs. ❤

Eating her food is like one of the best birthday gifts because we really love to talk, laugh and spend the entire after together.

One of the things I get to see is how big Yanirita has grown! I still remember when my mom carried her for the first time, she was so tiny! And I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic.

I’m thankful she’s still the sweetest girl, the only thing she’s into is dolls, her phone and watching shows or matches with her dad.

I find it hilarious that she tried to eat the cake without anybody noticing but my phone captured her!

Other things my phone captured that day was this zombie tree. That branch is already dead and it’s not sown, but somehow grow little branches and if this doesn’t help you believe the zombies are possible I don’t know what will.

And last but not least, we found a cocoon in my sister’s backyard.

There’s a lot of adventure in a little space if you take the time to observe consciously.