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A cocoon at my sister’s backyard

My sister threw a birthday lunch for my mom. She knows the best gift we love to get is her food because she has good seasoning. She cooked this amazing creamy pasta and added a salad so we don’t feel guilty about eating too many carbs. ❤

Eating her food is like one of the best birthday gifts because we really love to talk, laugh and spend the entire after together.

One of the things I get to see is how big Yanirita has grown! I still remember when my mom carried her for the first time, she was so tiny! And I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic.

I’m thankful she’s still the sweetest girl, the only thing she’s into is dolls, her phone and watching shows or matches with her dad.

I find it hilarious that she tried to eat the cake without anybody noticing but my phone captured her!

Other things my phone captured that day was this zombie tree. That branch is already dead and it’s not sown, but somehow grow little branches and if this doesn’t help you believe the zombies are possible I don’t know what will.

And last but not least, we found a cocoon in my sister’s backyard.

There’s a lot of adventure in a little space if you take the time to observe consciously.


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