My Gumroad prizes are here! 😍

Do you remember when I joined the Small Product Lab and wrote a book called The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes and that book end up winning an international prize (Small Product Lab July 2015 Winner)!?

Well, the prize didn’t consist in the title only. I got a lot of prizes. Digital and physical!

To be honest, I’m really grateful my first book in English got a title and +$500usd in prizes! It doesn’t happen every day, for sure!

I got the digital prizes real quick and I promise to talk about them in detail because I really loved them!

But today I’ll focus on the prizes that arrive home in a package because I was so excited! It felt like Christmas, to me! All the expectation, counting the days, weeks and even months (it took 2 months to arrive), thinking every day if something happened to the package on the way home or thinking they’d got home when I was at the University and miss my package forever.

I didn’t know for sure what to expect, the only thing I knew was coming was The Art of Work book but all the extras called “Gumroad swag” were a total surprise! ❤

Incredible, but when I saw the bible verse in the book I knew I was gonna love to read it, I knew it was the right book for me!

And what to say about that handwritten postcard I got from Gumroad!? I don’t think I’ll ever get to handshake the people who were at Gumroad when the Small Product Lab happened, ever! But now I have a piece of paper with their handwriting. I have a paper they spend time in. I have access to a such personal part of them. I can almost guarantee there are very little pieces of papers in the world with their handwriting but I’m lucky enough they sent one specially for me!

This is by far one of the best prizes I have ever won in my life!

Thank you so much, Gumroad, for creating the Small Product Lab, for choosing The Mini-Guide, for giving me the winning title and for honoring me to be the only lady who has the title (the other two winners of different editions are men!). Thank you so much! ❤

Want to see what’s inside? 😀