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La Aurora Zoo, Guatemala City, Guatemala

We went to La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala City!

It’s not that we’d never visited a zoo before, it’s just that we’d never visited a zoo like this one, before! It’s so clean and it looks like an island because of all those palm trees. Also, is in the middle of the city, so you could see airplanes often.

Guatemalans are very kind. For some reason, they gave us marshmallows before going into the zoo. I guess it was an activation of the brand but it doesn’t stop it for being an act of kindness.

I got to see animals I’ve only seen on pictures or videos, like a giraffe, a camel, a llama, an albino tiger, a cougar, a flamingo, a penguin and an aurora!

Aurora is the name of a bird that, according to tales in my country, announces death. Leyend says if you listen to an aurora near you, it’s because it’s announcing a death from someone who is not close to you and if you listen to an aurora away from you, it’s because it’s announcing a death from someone related to you.

And, even though I’ve listened to several auroras before, I’ve never seen one. This zoo is called La Aurora so it has to have at least one! And it did! The aurora is like a petite owl!

At the end of the zoo trip, I went to buy a hawaian granizada but, apparently, I was very focused on eating it I forgot to take a picture. All I can say it was perfect for a sunny day: it’s made of ice with sweet flavors like mango, pineapple and coconut but with a pinch of salty with salt and pumpking seed powder (known in my country as alguashte). 🙂


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