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Oakland Mall, Guatemala City, Guatemala

We visited Oakland Mall, too!

As soon as I got there, my family detector activated and I told the girls I wanted to visit Forever 21 to see if I found someone I knew.

What we found first was a big white wall where we had a little photoshoot. We were dressing the same colors, once again, so we had to take pictures of ourselves like we were twins.

Also, you never ignore a big white wall. No matter if a lot of people is passing by and interrupts your photoshoot.

After our mini-photoshoot, my family detector felt stronger, so I started going up stairs inside the store and BAM! I found my cousin in the end of the store! It was so nice to see her and it was totally random because, she told me it was her first day in that store. The day before she was in another mall so our hug it was totally meant to be!

Then, we went to the food court and ate a lot of chinese food. We made the mistake of thinking a brand we knew in El Salvador would be yummy-like in Guatemala. And it was not. That’s because another local brand is the yummiest in Guatemala, a brand we have never listened before.

But we recovered from the disappointment on the chinese food by eating some Nutella crêpes made in a Volkswagen van inside the mall. ❤


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