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Farmers Market, Paseo Cayalá, Guatemala City, Guatemala

We also went to Paseo Cayalá, and even though I’ll post a little bit more about it later, I want to show some pictures of the Farmers Market, first!

It’s imperative for me to do this, because I really love to see the inventions of local creators! This was special because it was inside of a luxurious mall. And it was more than special when I could see that the product were most homemade as any market in the world.

We found jellies, like 50 flavors of them, cheesecakes, mexican food (because everybody anywhere wants to have a good mexican taco!) and treats. But also found things that weren’t food, like lamps, cups, glasses, soaps, sponges, home accesories and a lot of mini Santas ready to make your house feel Christmasy!

I really loved the autoctone feeling of the market. It felt like we were in another dimension and then, back to reality when we were out the market and saw the amazing buildings at Paseo Cayalá.

To be honest, I didn’t know there was a Farmers Market in Paseo Cayalá, so, I didn’t go with the mindset of buying something there. I just wanted to look. Everything was so colorful, I had to look. I enjoy visiting these kind of markets because I reassure myself everything made with love and purpose is sellable. Everything made by a creator will have value for someone else. There’s a market for everybody. There’s a market for every product. 

As a creator myself, I constantly need this kind of inspiration and confidence to be reminded. If you take the time, you could find a lot of proof to release your doubts and get to work. We all need this kind of answers every once in a while!

I just wanted to look but at the end, I had to buy a little thing I couldn’t resist! Can you guess what was it? 🙂


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