Milestones that made me happy this September 🙏

These last few months my life has suffered some changes, good changes I hope! Everything started in May (actually, in June when I was studying what happened in May) and, usually, May and November are the worst months for my blog. On those months my life is moving at the highest speed is difficult for me to achieve new milestones. Even one. And that is exactly what happened in May: not one milestone was accomplished and it was a bummer.

I thought I’d leave the milestones publications for good but you know what? I like to know I’m accomplishing something, even though some months doesn’t happen. Also, I enjoy going through my pictures and create my monthly video. So, I like to join together my numbers and pictures in one post as a summary of what happened and what I can do better next time.

For example, “nothing” happened in May in terms of milestones but, boy did I run to every test I had at the University, meetings with my family, track and field trainings in the mornings and cook!

In June I was running even faster because the Central American CHampionships were coming and I just had to give my best in the circle. I had a lot of pressure you have no idea, but thank God I got a new personal best at discus throw that month! ❤ I was running so much between the stadium and the last days of University I literally had no time to check my stats that month.

And even though June was great and I pushed myself enough to improve my record, my knee paid the bill in July. I know what I did to present my best self at the international meet but I must admit I can’t keep up with that rythm for so long. That was special, I had two international meets that month, I can’t train at that rythm every month, it’s bonkers!

I started to slow down in July and was scared I was gonna be injured forever. I cried a lot and it took me several minutes to get up every day, thank God I wasn’t going to the classroom every day because I don’t know what would I have done.

I started looking for alternatives to work out that didn’t impact my knees and found out about tai-chi and yoga near my house. I started going to yoga with the goal to stretch my knee and recover as soon as possible.

And in August is when the change started to be real. In my country, we have the first week of August free so I’d start my semester the second week of August. Somehow my schedule changed and I had to give up to athletics.

And in September, I joined a Yoga Challenge in Instagram and started to try and know more poses and more flows to help me with my knee. And what’s best: in my own house! Sometimes I make a little cardio before sleeping or a little yoga before going to the University.

It’s not that I don’t love discus throw anymore, it’s just that I love Civil Engineering more and when you had to choose, you always choose for the longest relationship.

Also, I have a baby parakeet and its name is Xandé. ❤

For the last 5 weeks I’ve been running test after test and, to be honest, I’m exhausted. I felt I couldn’t keep up this game for the rest of the semester. But I focused and realized I can study at my own rythm by ignoring the schedule and keep moving forward every day.

Last year, something like this happened. It was the third test round in all my subjects and felt like I was only running test after test and then stopped. I sit for several days to study on my own rhythm to really understand and practice every subject from beginning to the last class. The first day I felt behind but at the end it worked and could save my semester with amazing results.

I’m trying to do that again. But enough of catching up, let’s get to the numbers!

+13,000 loops on Vine.

It’s amazing how my minichunks of life keeps adding loops! And, I swear I’m doing nothing to market them. I just posted them and left them there! So, I’m really thankful you keep watching them. 🙂

If you haven’t, of course, you can watch them here:

+6000 posts on Tumblr.

This is one of those networks I really don’t know why I opened but I can’t find a good reason to shut it down (even though I tried it a few years ago!). So, I like to consider it like it is my blog but lighter, shorter and more digestible.

If you have a Tumblr, maybe we can see each other gifs over there!

+1000 photos on Instagram.

Can you believe I’ve been more than 1000 days on Instagram and shared +1000 pictures there!? WOW! Thank you so much for keeping an eye on every one of my pictures, I really appreciate that and I’m glad you’re still there!

And if you’re not, you can still fix that, here’s my profile:

+1000 visits to The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes


This is a great milestone! ❤ I called this book a success in my own terms since the day of the launch but until today it keeps getting better and better. I reached 1000 thousand visits on my book which helped me to analyze the convertion rate, the content and the landing page and, of course, made a few sales that helped me buy a few more books for me. This book has given me more happiness than I ever thought it would and I couldn’t ask more of it.

With everything I learned with this book, I’m turning the page now so I can apply it to the next book. I think +1000 thousand views is more than enough and I’m happy to start a new project soon!

But if you’ve never heard about The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes, this is your lucky day: Read The Mini-Guide here.

+800 followers on Instagram.

It’s amazing that +800 of you gathered in one Social Network! ❤ Thank you so much. We started from the bottom now we’re here! Haha. No, but really, thank you so much. No one else but me knows how hard it is to be in every social network and the fact that you like to be watching my pictures means a lot to me.

Not only that but you also helped me to achieve my first ever picture liked by +100 people! ❤ That was amazing and not only that but it was a picture with a member of my family!

You guys are amazing and I’m really thankful you like to remember me with these little details that the path I’m choosing is the best one.

If you happen to have an Instagram account and share stories there (yes, I’m sharing some stories LIVE every once in a while!) I would be honored to share my life with you:

60 followers on Product Hunt.

This is one of the best milestones ever! It seems that 60 of you are interested in the digital products I like and post! I’ll try to share my products there in a few months, I promise. But today I’m only liking the digital products I find and truly like!

If you want to see a list of products I like and truly USE to be noticed online, you should check up here (I’ll update this frequently!):