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14 reasons to choose a travel agency and never plan a trip again!

This was the first time I traveled with a travel agency and what happened was not expected.

I only knew 2 types of trips.

  • The trip that had an agenda because I was visiting a new country as an athlete and someone else had planned everything for me.
  • The trip that was not planned at all, just happened for the sake of moving my body anywhere else and discover new places from there.

But I happened to knew a third type: the trip I paid for someone else to plan it and create an agenda so my body can still be moved anywhere else and admire new places.

Sounds like fun! Believe me, sometimes, investing a little extra for someone else to take care of the details is better than trying to make everything yourself, specially when the people you’re paying are making this for a living and you happen to be so tired from working/studying for +10 months non-stop.

It was my first time traveling like this, so I really expect the basics:

  • Transportation and security from my city to the destination.
  • Pretty landscapes I can’t admire at my own country. 
  • Comfy seats so I can sleep on the road. 

But the travel agency I chose, went far beyond that.

They asked for my ID to fill the papers themselves two days before the trip. As this was never happened to me before, I was a little suspiscious and took the photo but hide my signature. I figured they only needed my ID number and my full name, so.

They asked us to reunite near a well known mall in the city. It wasn’t a busport or an airport but it was a public place we were all familiar with and that gave me confidence.

They called us by our names to get on the transportation. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but, order in the trip was guaranteed with this very detail and in every stop, they made sure everybody who say “here!” in the morning, was still there during the day.

They gave us a snack for the trip, that was big enough to distribute during the day. Two sandwiches, peanuts, cookies and a juice.

They made all the papers to cross the border, we didn’t need to get off the transportation at all. The police officer just went to our transportation, took all our papers, looked at us and let us go!

They paid all the tickets to get in the pretty places. We didn’t make any effort to get in the pretty places, I basically slept in the road and woke up whenever we landed in a new place.

They took us pictures during the trip, this way we didn’t have only selfies to show and, of course, they have material to show how amazing their trips are in their social media channels!

They gave us enough liberty to know all the places at our own pace. You didn’t have to be with everyone else if you didn’t want to, you have certain period of time to admire the place and then, you should meet everybody in the exit.

They waited for every single one of us, even if they were 10 minutes late to the transportation. It happened to me that I went for Nutella crêpes at Oakland Mall and noticed I had like 5 minutes left to go out. I started walking myself out of the mall and got lost, like every store there looked the same and couldn’t find the exit quickly like I thought I would. When I finally found it, 15 minutes later (yes, the mall it was that big!), they were waiting for me and told me I have nothing to worry about because they’re gonna wait for me!

They made a raffle when we were heading back home. And I won a pair of audiophones! Funny thing is, in that morning I said to Sari: Oh, no! I forgot my audiophones and I won’t listen to music in the whole trip. 😦 But at the end of the day, I had a brand new pair to enjoy my way back!

They gave us more promos and discounts for next trips, because they know it’s more likely for a happy customer to buy something else in the future than to gain a new customer.

I think for my first trip with a travel agency this is not a bad treatment, in fact, is more than what I expected, so much more than what I expected. This is why I wanted to share the things I found out this travel agency offers.

I believe in good feelings and they made me feel good, they cared for every single one of us, they planned everything for every single one of us, they created good experience for every single one of us. This is the only reason I’m sharing this. Because good companies need to be known. 

Look, I’m not getting anything to write this, in fact they don’t even know I’m writing this, and probably will never know but I really think that every single one of you would like to be treated this good in a trip and I just happened to know one travel agency that does treat you this good.

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