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Hello Guatemala!

I just got to Guatemala because God wanted me to feel safe and to babysit my nephews for a couple of weeks. Now, I’ll be able to breath Guatemala in a different way than last time. Being a turist and install yourself in a new country aredifferent experiences and I want to enjoy this one 100%. That […]

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God answers all your prayers.

I haven’t open my mouth to tell them but God opened their hearts to call me and save me. I’m going away for a few weeks but it’s not for holidays or vacations or having fun. I’m going away because I needed it and God answered to my prayers. Recently, I heard a death threat […]

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Milestones that made me happy this October 🌊

PRE-S.: The release of the new project will be in the second week of December, so, make sure you’re in the list ( ) to be a part of the new project since the beginning! We need to catch up right away because October was quick but interesting to happen, too. October led me […]


Mi nuevo Blog en español.

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I made a mistake, I voluntarily chose not to admire a sunrise this year. I thought by having a little more time to sleep in the mornings I wouldn’t feel so tired, but guess what? I’m feeling more tired than ever. That’s not the only thing bothering me, I’m loosing classes, too. This has been […]