Hello Guatemala!

I just got to Guatemala because God wanted me to feel safe and to babysit my nephews for a couple of weeks.

Now, I’ll be able to breath Guatemala in a different way than last time. Being a turist and install yourself in a new country aredifferent experiences and I want to enjoy this one 100%.

That doesn’t mean I’m not a tourist and I won’t take pictures. I’m still a foreign girl in a new place and I’m taking all the pictures I can.

In fact, I took pictures of the view from my window. I can see a lake and a volcano with a bunch of mountains, or they might be volcanos as well and I cannot tell the difference.

I also took picture of the distribution of the houses, because I might want to have inspiration when it’s my time to build houses.

I also took pictures of my cousin‘s puppy named Lía. She looks like the dog we had when we were little, her name was Lily. It was my first dog. ❤ Mónica called Lía that name because she reminded her of Lily, it was very nice of her. Also, look at Lía, isn’t she the cutest asking to taste my quesadilla?

You know what else is cute? The sky, the clouds, the silence, the fact that God gave me life for one more day. I’m very blessed I could wake up one more day and I thank Him and nobody else for it. ❤



God answers all your prayers.

I haven’t open my mouth to tell them but God opened their hearts to call me and save me.

I’m going away for a few weeks but it’s not for holidays or vacations or having fun. I’m going away because I needed it and God answered to my prayers.

Recently, I heard a death threat was coming for me. I didn’t know why since I don’t actually talk with anybody. But just knowing I could lose my life for doing nothing made me lose my sleep.

I couldn’t sleep for 4 nights and I tried to do three things at the same time: painting my house, crying while painting and praying. Praying a lot. Asking why to God, asking him for protection, asking for answers, asking to correct me if I won that threat for something I did and I haven’t noticed, asking Him to be with me in any moment and finally, accepting His will.

As a child of God, I know I’m protected every day, everywhere, and I know I will die the day God gives the command to death to touch me. Until that very moment, I’m protected. Fear made me question Him for 4 nights but finally, I accepted His will, because, honestly, there’s nothing I can do better than Him. And even though I cried 4 nights in denial, He answered me in the most loving way.

My family needed me across the border for a couple of weeks so I made my bags and took a bus to go away for a few days. My family over there doesn’t know a thing, seriously, I haven’t open my mouth to tell them but God opened their hearts to call me and save me.

I’m really happy I’m a child of the most loving God who keeps protecting me even when the only thing I do when I’m scared is ask Him why.

Update: I sewed my gladiator sandals and they’re stronger than ever. I’m pretty confident they will keep up with me this time.


Milestones that made me happy this October 🌊

PRE-S.: The release of the new project will be in the second week of December, so, make sure you’re in the list ( http://gumroad.com/katherine ) to be a part of the new project since the beginning!

We need to catch up right away because October was quick but interesting to happen, too.

October led me to take better decisions to avoid the feelings I had in my last post. I’m getting up at 5:00am to practice some pop pilates (that’s one of the things I wanted to tell you!) and then I tried really hard to advance in everything I have in my hands right now.

You don’t really know if the changes you make are really having any effect until some time has happened so, I’m hoping these changes work. Next round of tests is coming up and it’s a really big wave approaching. Tests are due on Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday (a new test every two days, WHAT!?).

I want to officially introduce you to my baby parakeet Xandé. It’s not one of his best pictures because he’s all wet after taking a shower with me but he looks so cute like a feathered little ball.

One of the most cute things he does is stand in one leg and make an ok sign with the other leg while stretching one of his wings, like if he knew he’s practicing yoga, so cute! ❤

Talking about yoga, if you ever discouraged yourself from practicing yoga for not knowing a lot of poses, STAHP RIGHT NOW!

Yoga has like only 10 basic positions and then, all the gorgeous photos you see online are variations of the 10 basic poses.

What does that mean? Well, it means you don’t need to “learn” a lot of poses, with just knowing the basics and change a little bit of the details here and there because it feels better here than there, it’s enough to practice yoga.

Most of the variations are “inversion” and “revolved” and then the positions your hands take like in prayer, extension or balance.

Inversion means you’ll do it heads down and heart up (it doesn’t mean necessarily your legs had to be in the air, inversion is when your heart is above your head, so be cautious!)

And revolved means there are some twist that leds to a magnificent feeling in any part of your body, God, the revolved poses are my favorite! ❤

Seriously, breathing and stretching help A LOT with knee injuries (like, really helpful) but also, the body needs a little extra effort sometimes. That’s when Pop Pilates appears.

I’m barely in day 3 here, but you can really feel it in the legs, hahahah!

Anyway, the last but not least of the more amazing things that happened in October is…


The promise to learn to swim was made on 2008 (when I was 18) and finally came the day when it was accomplished!

Can’t wait to tell you all about learning how to swim and break mental barriers of trying new things when you’re not that young but I won’t do it today (because a semester is yelling me to save it from drowning, haha, get it?) but I sure will soon, so stay tuned!

What I will share today for sure is the milestones that made me happy this October!

More like milestone, in singular, but it doesn’t matter the quantity because it made me very happy and you’re about to see why! ❤

+90 subscribers on Gumroad!

Gumroad is the platform where I share my creations through email. The friends who subscribe over there are the first ones to get my creations! As a creator this is one of the most amazing things to happen in the world!

My mom is not the only one interested in what I’m doing; +90 of you are, too! ❤

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Your presence over there encourages me to keep creating meaningful stuff and I sure will keep doing it. 🙂

The release of the new project will be in the second week of December, so, make sure you’re in the list ( http://gumroad.com/katherine ) to be a part of the new project since the beginning! ❤

I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Read you next Monday. ❤


I made a mistake, I voluntarily chose not to admire a sunrise this year.

I thought by having a little more time to sleep in the mornings I wouldn’t feel so tired, but guess what? I’m feeling more tired than ever.

That’s not the only thing bothering me, I’m loosing classes, too. This has been the craziest semester I have ever had. I’m counting it’ll all come right at the end, but the end isn’t here, yet. There’s still a lot of work to do and I’m getting anxious.

I love to say I rearranged all my tasks and hope to make it on time to save one subject I’m having difficulties with. I’m afraid I started to feel tired the day I stopped pushing me to wake up at 5:00am in a daily basis.

*This is one beautiful sunrise I saw back in 2015 before my math discussion at 6am.