Centro Comercial Pradera Concepción


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Visitamos el Centro Comercial Pradera Concepción en Guatemala en una noche fría por lo que de postre, no podía comer algo helado, así que me decidí por un rico y calientito rol de canela de Cinnabon con caramelo extra y pecanas.

Ya casi nos regresamos a El Salvador así que fuimos de compras porque mis sobrinos querían unas camisas nuevas. 🙂

Es bastante curioso que antes, las familias solían divertirse en parques pero hoy nuestros parques de diversión son los centros comerciales. Y es que son los únicos lugares sanos que están abiertos después de que se oculta el sol. Los centros comerciales son nuestro entretenimiento bajo techo y un lugar muy conveniente para hacer diligencias.

Centro Comercial Pradera Concepción, en específico, es un lugar que tiene 180 opciones de compra y para ser honesta, es un lugar demasiado bonito y grande que vale la pena visitar.

No me arrepiento de haber estado ahí.


10 real home cooked food plates of Central America

The Holidays inspire me a lot to eat and cook and keep eating, so, that’s why today I’m sharing the 10 real home cooked food plates of Central America. I’m just not that specific because these plates are made in Guatemala by a salvadoran but, I’m very sure most of the central american families eat something like this every day.

I cooked most of these for my nephews because I traveled to babysit them!

The main goal was to not let them starve to death but I’m a little more demanding with myself. I knew I could do more than that. I already cross the barrier and started my cooking life! So, I started to think that I could do something extra to inject a little bit of more healthiness in their lives.

I thought, if I made the plates colorful, they’d be interesting enough to be finished. Maybe, if I add a little bit of fruits, there won’t be room for junk food later. All I needed was to try.

And don’t forget these are every day food plates. You won’t find casseroles or turkey or anything fancy here. Just every day real home cooked food plates.

These are some of the dishes I cooked with a little tip from the bottom of my heart if you’re learning how to cook and want to add something extra to your first recipes.

1. Fried chicken, tomato-cucumber salad, boiled rice.


I like to add the rice before the water, that gives me the opportunity to condiment the rice with a little bit of butter, onion, garlic or whatever your favorite condiments are. Move everything a little bit with a wooden spoon until you see the rice is transparent and then, add the water.

2. Roasted steak, yakimeshi, tangerine-grapes cocktail.


Don’t feel the need to cook everything new every day. To be honest, that’s exhausting. Also, it’s unhealthy to feel the need to end up with everything you cook or order. We saved this yakimeshi from yesterday.

3. Steak.


Every country, town, family, condiments their food differently and I love to add green pepper, normal pepper, mustard and English sauce (it’s like soya sauce in appearence but it’s not salty!) to my steak. You have to try it at least once in your lifetime! Or just tell me where I go, I’ll cook it for ya!

4. Birthday bolagnese lasagna, carrot-corn-onion-lettuce salad.


I didn’t cook this one! But I sure ate it, ha! Birthdays in Central America are very colorful and this plate is a good example of it. Most of the time, thinking about cutting every single veggie there is makes me all tired but this salad is the best at showing us that we don’t have to cut everything all the time to have a good delicious and healthy salad.

5. Popcorn.


Popcorn is very popular here, too. What might be different is HOW we got them. There’s two ways: making them in the kitchen with a pan OR buying a bag in the supermarket. My tip for the traditional kitchen way is do something similar like the rice back in #1. Add butter and throw the seed but do not add water. Just close that pan because the’ll start poping right away! And my tip for the microwave is to never set the time the bag says, ALWAYS set 30 seconds less! And don’t open the door right away, let them finish cooking with the microwave warmth (if you’re microwave has the popcorn option, the better! Just push that button!).

6. Popato-squash-noodle-rice soup, grapes-banana cocktail.


When you’re making a soup, you’re playing with the times every thing takes for cooking. Add the most difficult ingredients first. Also, recycle your food when possible. I added a little bit of rice here because it would blend in perfectly with the soup!

7. Cinnabon with pecans and caramelatte.


I didn’t cook this one either but here’s my tip. If you love desserts and you haven’t had one in +10 days because you’re not in your house and you don’t have them available at your fridge, well, heck! Go for the biggest one and yes, say yes to everything the lady ask you to add: pecans? yes, bigger drink? yes, double caramel on the cinnabon? yes, do you want me to warm it in the microwave? yes! You deserve the biggest cinnamon roll!

8. Chicken wings.


You got me! I didn’t cook this one either. But here’s my tip: always eat your celery and carrot first! This action makes a “rug” in your stomach and minimizes any acid/fat/condiment conflict that might exist.

9. Meatballs, cheesy noodles, carrot-tomato-cucumber-lettuce salad.


Meat can also be cooked in water! Meatballs are cooked in the minimum water, you just roll when a “side” is done. But you might know that, so, another tip would be to cut all the veggies you can one day and reserve for later. You won’t finish all that salad in a day, so, tomorrow, just add a new veggie and bum! New salad! For example, cut today tomato and cucumber and eat a little, tomorrow add the carrots and eat them, the next day add the lettuce and so on!

10. Ham and cheese sandwich with grapes.


Forget about doing ellaborated food every time! Sometimes, the simplest food brings the better memories. I made these sandwiches for a breakfast and then, my niece and I went to rewatch High School Musical 3 (I saw the first one when I was in High School, ha!). But, if you want another cooking tip, remember that the sandwicher turns on the light when you have to take out your sandwich! Meaning: put your sandwich when the machine is cold and take it out when it turns on the light.

I don’t want to take all the credit for the menu, here. Obviously, my cousin had already planned a lot of things for their children to eat, I mean, that’s what moms do! I just made the dishes pop with more color, added the fruit cocktails and veggie salads and cooked them at the end.

That’s it for me in 2016, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! ❤

I’ll read you again in 2017, woohoo! ❤

¿Qué pasaría si escribo mi blog en inglés por todo un año? RESULTADOS

Hay una cosa que se llama curiosidad que, si no te respondés las preguntas que tenés en la cabeza, te va a estar carcomiendo toda la vida y eso es lo que yo he ganado al final de todo este año, que me respondí una de las preguntas que yo tenía. ¿Qué pasaría si escribo en mi blog en inglés por todo un año? Ahora ya lo sé, ya sé qué pasaría. Ahora ya tengo respuestas, eso es lo que pasó en el 2016.

01:25 Creé una pequeña comunidad de lectores en inglés de +200 personas.
02:29 Mejoré mucho mi escritura en inglés.
04:50 Participé en #VEDA los meses de Abril y Agosto.
06:50 Descubrí que la videoproducción no es fácil.
08:00 Descubrí que me gustaría seguir creando videos pero no diariamente.
08:41 Le perdí un poco de miedo a YouTube.
09:27 Entré en desesperación y usé una estrategia de la que no me siento orgullosa.
11:27 Empecé a estudiar lo que otras personas escribían de los temas en los que yo participaba.
11:59 Seguí los blogs de personas que escribían sobre lo que yo escribía..
18:03 Noté que las entradas personales y familiares son bien recibidas en el idioma inglés.
21:50 Planteé una solución para mantener las dos audiencias el siguiente año.
23:21 Reconsideré la solución que había planteado para mantener las dos audiencias al ver las estadísticas.
23:47 Reconocí la respuesta que había arrojado mi experimento de un año.
25:02 Comparé las visitas anuales de mi blog.
25:55 Proyecté un escenario donde sigo publicando en inglés con las tendencias que tengo del crecimiento de las visitas en español.
27:25 Veredicto.
29:38 Conclusión final.

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BLOG: http://queith.net

Milestones that made me happy this November 🏊

I can’t believe we survived! 😀 This week is Christmas, already!

But, before we get to the details of Christmas, I really want to share some details of my November because it was the most chaotic November ever and I survived + had the time to try out a few things.

Yes, I kept practicing a little yoga but also kept practicing swimming. I kept practicing so much that I finally learned how to swim 50 meters in a single try. That’s the lenght of the pool, isn’t that exciting? Well, it was for me. When I got to the other side I was screaming a lot of yays in emotion!

But I didn’t stop there, now I’m learning to turn around to keep swimming.

I also bake my first pudding! And it was delicious. Too bad I should keep an eye on my portions. 😦

And last but not least, my best friend and I went to celebrate her birthday by going to the Buffalo Wings and then my favorite dessert place: N Chocolate Lounge! ❤

On the academic side, I’m missing one final: Physics. But I just got a result from a test I had to take again to save this subject and I think it will be saved at the end. But there’s a lot of material to study, yet, so I don’t want to lose my guard.

Also, I’m a little worried for Math 4 and Engineering Economics. I still don’t know what will happen with those two. Those two finals were ourtrageous and I’m not even exaggerating a bit.

Now on to more happy news, this month we reach TWO milestones! ❤

Milestones that made me happy this November. 🏊

+900 friends on Instagram!

After being stuck for so long in 700-ish, I never thought we could make it this far, but now that we’re here, I can only promise to take better pictures and if I join another yoga challenge or pop pilates challenge, I promise to take the pictures and not screenshot my videos.

Even though screenshot videos is so much easier, truth is it takes away too much space. I’m on the last GB of my 64GB mini SD card, can you believe it!?

Anyway, this heart on the picture is to show you my appreciation. ❤ And also was day 2 of the PopMas Challenge. 🙂

Talking about that, I bought a video course and plan to do it for 28 days (not just for 28 days but the first phase lasts 28 days). I don’t know what will happen but I’m excited and I’m planning to share all the before and after photos first on Instagram, just in case you want to see them first next few weeks, here’s my account: http://instagram.com/queith

+70 subscribers on my Spanish blog.

You have no idea how happy this makes me!

Long story short. My spanish blog was this one you’re reading right now. But, as I love to answer my questions with experiments, I asked myself what would happen if I started to blog in English and in Spanish. I did it here but then, I asked myself what would happen if I started to blogging exclusively in English and then I met all of you!

I know that I might not be able to write in English and Spanish here, or maybe I will, but I don’t think that’s wise just now. That’s why I relaunched my spanish blog elsewhere, as a private blog only through email and I was more than happy to know that +70 people wanted to know about me in Spanish!

You might not be interested in that or you might want to practice your Spanish or you might want to feel home or you might want to read me in Spanish, any reason you have, you’re more than welcome to read my Spanish blog over here: http://kath.pw

This is what pets teach you about love.

Love isn’t everything. It’s true, but it’s also true that a relationship without love can’t grow up.

When I was 9, my mom got me a puppy. Her name was Lily. I was so excited and happy to give her all my love in the minute she came home. Every week my mom brought her her special food. Every week, my cousing bathed her.

As my mom was a little bit scared of me getting sick, she ordered me not to sleep with my puppy. I made her a little bed in the living room and left her there. Obviously, my mom won’t receive her in her bedroom, either.

But my cousin was a teen. She took the risk because she couldn’t imagine Lily being cold all night.

Whenever I came home, Lily was ready to play. She jumped all over the place whenever whoever came home. She was the loveliest pup ever!

However, there was this time when I doubted she loved me back. A neighbor call her and she started walking towards him. No biggy since he was a really close friend of my family. But I was going home and she was walking with me, I thought, me, as her “mom”, she would listen to my voice calling her name and right away keep walking with me.

But no, she stared at me and then my neighbor and she was confused. She didn’t know what to do. We both kept calling her because we both wanted her attention but, suddenly, my cousin came to see if anything happened to me because I was taking too long to come back.

She noticed what happened and say: “Lily come” and Lily went.

I was confused. Why she didn’t react the same way with me?

I didn’t answered that question until this very year. Until I’m 26.

Like I said before, my cousin got a little puppy who looked just like Lily and called her Lía. Since my nephews have a lot of friends in Guatemala, Lía has a lot of time to be alone. But as I was in there, she wanted to be alone with someone, so she always comes to my room and stays with me.

She suddenly asks for cuddles, so I play with her, but then she wants her space and we keep working.

But my niece is just like me when I was 9 (she’s 11). And all she wants to do whenever she sees Lía is give her all her love. Because, that’s the only thing you have to offer at that age. Or at least, the only thing one think a puppy needs.

Lía gets desperate and runs to hide behind me. And she was like: I don’t get it, I’m not doing her any harm. And suddenly it all started to sink.

That’s true, we’re not doing any harm to the other part. But we think that’s the only thing to keep a relationship happy.

Love isn’t everything. It’s true, but it’s also true that a relationship without love can’t grow up. We tend to think love is give hugs and play and stay around. But love is to notice and complement because we want to and not because we want the other part to love us back.

I was making the mistake to think my puppy only needed my love. But she also needed care, she needed food, she needed bath, she needed a warm bed. And the people providing that was my mom and my cousin. She knew I was her playbuddy but she also needed to rest, and that’s why she kept running to my cousin’s bed.

The same reason why Lía runs away from my niece when she’s tired. She doesn’t want to play all the time. Sometimes, she wants to be resting and do her stuff like chasing her own tale but she doesn’t want to be alone. And that’s why she wanted to be with me, because I knew I wouldn’t bother her unless she wanted me to.

A human relationship is more complicated than this, of course, but at least I know how to explain the basics. See, it’s ok to have a heart full of love, but it’s also ok to notice if the other part is ready to receive it. Or if it’s ready to receive it now.

Also, it’s a great idea to give some space whenever necessary. Specially in finals.

Anyway, I don’t want to say goodbye without also inviting to notice if someone is wanting to give you a heart full of love. I know it’s very common to misinterpret this as relationship love but I want you to remember that is one God who has a heart full of love waiting for your answer.

Don’t leave Him waiting.