Life after my knee injury.

After the championship, I had a promise to rest for 1 month. Active rest, that is. I would do whatever I wanted on that month for training. That’s why I gave it my all before the Championship. And that’s why my knee was resentful.

But what happened next was worse. Apparently, I wasn’t going to have that active month for me, we had another meet at the calendar and I had to train harder or, at least, at the same level for another 2 months.

My knee couldn’t handle it and, on Tuesday, after my discus throwing session, I could barely walk. Got home and rested and wasn’t able to get up. Even going to the bathroom took me ages. I stopped everything. My knee was worth losing my next meet and all.

I was almost exclusively resting for a week, until my knee didn’t hurt in certain positions. That’s when my mom told me to go with her to visit to her best friend (my aunt H., you may remember her for this post!).

The residence aunt H. lives in has a lot of steps, but I tried to use my other leg to get there and to not bend my injured knee (the left one). It took me a while to finish the steps, but aunt H.’s garden gave me life, after.

When I saw the garden, all I wanted to do was to walk all over the place, watch all the plants, admire its different tones, shapes and scents. I distracted myself from the pain. Or maybe, the garden was so therapeutic that I wasn’t feeling any pain.

Who knows what really happened, but what I do know is that when I saw my mom and aunt H. walking on the garden, admiring every plant and reciting its story, talking about everything and enjoying life, I knew that’s the type of friendship I aspire to be & to have in my life. ❤

Family means you are part of something great. It means that you will love and be loved forever.

She thought the view was pretty but I thought she was prettier.

The tiniest flower pot you have ever seen.

With my feet on the ground, thank God!

My lady enjoying the garden!

This is a Don Quijote statue made of bronce!

This is a pineapple!
The tiniest flower pot from another angle because I couldn’t have enough of it! ❤
My mom, being patient (and really gorgeous) with my slowness to climb the stairs.
Best friends!
Not all the leaves are created equal, but they all are amazingly beautiful. ❤
Thanks for everything, mom. ❤

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