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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever II

Long story short, I went to the Independence Day parade with my family and saw all these weapons. I didn’t know what exactly to feel so I thought that maybe I didn’t need to feel something or have an opinion about it. It was wiser to study the whole history about my country and find amazing facts than to decide what to feel just with one chapter. And that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days. Reading history and finding facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever. 

Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever.

  1. The main cash crop in El Salvador was the indigo. But the crisis and dissapearing of indigo happened at the same time coffee was introduced. The purpose was to eradicate communal lands and ejidos to grow coffee and it caused population without lands to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1892-1932).
  2. Public investment grow to develop industry in town and intensified cotton cultivation. Cotton rid food crops and people who cultivated food had to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1950-1970).
  3. Civil War (1981-1992) caused population to migrate to the urban areas to survive. In 1981, 164,297 salvadorans migrated. By 1992, there were 427,892 salvadorans migrating.
  4. The overpopulated municipalities in San Salvador are 8 (of 16): San Salvador, Mejicanos, Soyapango, Ciudad Delgado, Ayutuxtepeque, Apopa, San Marcos and Ilopango.
  5. The most important tourist attraction sites of Morazán state are waterfalls made by 7 rivers, caves or grottoes, some of them with rock writing (being the most famous the Corinto one), lagunitas, archaeological sites in Cacaopera and Delicias de Concepción municipalities, the San Francisco Gotera colonial church, Perquín population, indian cemetery on Delicias de Concepción municipality.
  6. The main resources of El Salvador are: corn, oranges, cows, silver, concrete, beer and tobacco.
  7. El Salvador is considered one of the countries that suffers the greatest deterioration of natural resources and the environment in Latin America. Two thirds of its soils are eroded, only 2% of the original forests remain, 90% of the rivers are polluted by sewage, agrochemicals and industrial waste, and significant amounts of gases harmful to health are emitted causing the greenhouse effect.
  8. To establish coffee as the new main export product, the vegetation of the heights and slopes was practically replaced by a crop that is itself a true forest, in which coffee trees are accompanied by a variety of shade tree species, many of which are representatives of the original flora.
  9. One of the biggest environmental threats today derives from the uncontrolled urbanization process that takes place in many parts of the country.
  10. It is considered that less than 3 percent of industries and agro-industries treat their waste before dumping it into water bodies.

I found these facts from page 87 to page 143 of the Encyclopedia of El Salvador. ❤
There’re more to come!

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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever


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