What comes after fear? #TheQueithShow Episode 2

0:54 Did you have a specific goal in mind (when doing the 28 Day Reset)? 20 pounds is a lot!
02:05 Did the 28 Day Reset feel easy, hard?
03:11 At what point did you see the 28 Day Reset was working so well?
04:36 What comes after fear?
06:29 Are you recording #TheQueithShow with the other phone?

28 DAY RESET CHALLENGE BY CASSEY HO AND ERIN WOODBURY: https://queith.net/portfolio/28-day-reset-challenge-by-cassey-ho/

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28 DAY RESET PROGRAM (VEGAN): https://www.piit28.com/a/788/zsruM2G8

WHAT COMES AFTER OVERCOMING FEAR? https://queith.net/2015/09/19/what-comes-after-overcome-fear/

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