Save time writing and spend it on the things you really want! 

The mini-guide is a 20 page ebook that explains how to write posts quickly and never miss to tell a detail.

This mini-guide will help you to save time writing to spend it on the things you really want!

I’ve been using this self-created system since 2010 and still do. Now it’s the time to share it with you.

You can get your own mini-guide over here: (I take credit, debit and Paypal! 🙂 )

I have written a 20-page ebook to tell you about the 4 types of effective posts and the 3 types of articles you can start writing today. The mini-guide is adaptable to any kind of blog as long as you master the basics. Also, I have designed a 1-page poster so you can have a handy summary on your desk (I printed mine this morning! ❤ ).

If you purchase this mini-guide on August, the mini-guide includes several bonus materials that make this a full package to bring a blog to life!

Get the mini-guide today and you’ll be receiving this full package:

  1. The mini-guide is a pdf ebook with 2 exercises, 4 types of effective posts for your blog, 3 types of articles you can start writing today. (If you do the second exercise, you’re getting a super secret gift from me! And you’ll love it!)
  2. The mini-guide for writing a super complete post in 20 minutes (minimal version for printing).
  3. A printable 1-page poster.
  4. The friendly SEO for bloggers checklist to attract more visitors with your content (you won’t need any plugin nor app nor complicated stuff, it’s real friendly).
  5. The mini-checklist for publishing a super complete post.

I’ve been using this system to write a girls magazine, tech blogs, local tourism blogs, lifestyle blogs and now, my personal blog, newsletter and this mini-guide, too! ❤

If you get the mini-guide on August, you can get it for more than $7.99 and you’ll get all the bonuses! I know you’ll appreciate the whole package and show the real value it has for you inviting me to a caramelatte, a dinner at the sushi or a really fancy dinner at the italian restaurant. I trust you’ll value the whole publishing package!

If you get the mini-guide on September or after, you can get it for more than $7.99 and no bonuses.

The more time you wait, the more gifts you let go! 😦

So, move your body now and get yourself all the gifts for early buyers only!

The benefit I have experienced of using this very system is productivity. I write a blog and practice a high performance sport and study a demanding career and hang out with my friends and spend quality time with my family. I can achieve more because I save time following the mini-guide ~Me.

“Finally, you’re not stuck on that computer the entire day!” ~My mom.