I got a wide-angle clip lens for my phone.

And now all my photos look like this.

I basically wanted to have a better range of capture behind me since I like to travel alone and visit new places by myself, so it’s kind of weird that I’m trying to save a photo from a place with me in it but the picture ends up being 90% me. With this thingy, I have extra footage.

Since it’s a lens, it doesn’t need any app, just needed to clip it to my phone and voila! New photos!

To be honest, I don’t really know how photography math works because it says it’s a 0.4x wide angle but I’m seeing more background than when the image was at 1.0x angle, so, I might need to research more about photography numbers.

It’s funny how the lights from notifications are seen in the image because the lens captures the camera and the notification led.

Can’t wait to try it tomorrow with the sunlight. But with what I saw today, I’m glad I got a new wide-angle clip lens for my phone.

Por Katherine Montero

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