What we learn from fairy tales.

  • Our lives are haunted by the ghosts of what might have been.
  • In order to cultivate awareness, you must be willing to act, to step out and see what happens.
  • The truth is some people do get lucky, and others have been born into special privilege, but what are those things to you? You are still called.
  • Chances come to us all, but only those who are ready recognize them.
  • That’s what awareness is: a sense that something more is possible.
  • Without awareness, you won’t be able to recognize the opportunities that come. And they always come to those with open eyes.

The wrong kind of fear.

  • The only smart choice is to move, to not hold out for a better time and choose a direction now.
  • Clarity comes with action.

Your life is speaking.

  • Finding your vocation is less about grand moments of discovery and more about a habit of awareness.
  • Awareness doesn’t just happen; it must be cultivated.
  • A calling goes beyond your abilities and calls into question your potential.

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