Why do bloggers create personal websites instead of using ready made platforms?

After years of observation, I noticed bloggers who only had the desire to publish their thoughts, often started their blogs from scratch instead of using a ready-made platform. Why? Well, I found 2 main reasons.

  1. New bloggers ask for help to the most tech-savvy person they know. And most of the time the most tech-savvy person is a developer, programmer, systems engineer or coder. That means they root for people building everything from zero. Which might be ideal for them, because they can try new things with the knowledge they already have. But new bloggers don’t have the time to learn how to set up hosting and connect their CMS with their FTP. New bloggers just want to express themselves and hit publish!
  2. New bloggers don’t ask anybody and Google for the answer. Which is not bad at all but the first link they find is from hosting or domain shops, since they are PROs at making ads!

I really think new bloggers could start sharing their thoughts immediately with WordPress or Medium. These are ready-made platforms that are free, clean and part of a bigger platform.

Why those 3 words are important for a new blogger?

a) FREE: as you’re starting a new passion, you will want to figure things out before you go all in. Since all is investing in this world, you will want to know if you are in the blogging world for life or just for the next 2 months. Trying out a free platform let’s you investigate this world and discover for your own behaviour if you want to be here for the long ride.

b) CLEAN: it doesn’t really matter how your blog looks but it is very important that feels clean. When you visit a new page, you just feel if it’s made by a professional or an amateur. Clean designs feel professional. Both Medium and WordPress offer clean designs. Except for WordPress who offers not just one look, but hundreds of clean themes to choose from!

c) PLATFORM: you might have an audience, already and that’s great! But wether you have an audience or not, being a part of a platform can help you big time. The platform will help you push your content to other people so you can reach more eyes. And remember, that all great blogs have one pair of eyes at the other side of the screen, minimum!

Eventually, you will want your blog to feel more professional, then you can buy a domain and add it to your current blog on WordPress or Medium.

Just in case you were wondering, I use WordPress for blogging (https://wordpress.com/create/?aff=961). That is an affiliate link which means if, and only if, you get a paid plan, I’ll get a few cents at no cost for you.

I got this question on Quora. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-bloggers-create-personal-websites-instead-of-using-ready-made-platforms/answer/Katherine-Alexandra-Montero Thanks for requesting my answer, Alex Chalmers!

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