If you can’t see the 1min video above this sentence, click here to watch it.

This is what an extended side angle flow looks like when you’re a beginner at yoga. And that’s okay!

This is a baby flow of an extended side angle, the focus here is to play with the arms to find a better way to stretch the back.

Since the legs are well grounded in the mat, it’s okay if you tight your core to support the asana and play with your arms to stretch the back and open your heart for longer.

As you can see, this flow doesn’t take longer than 1 minute. And the change you can make is to hold the pose you feel more confortable with for longer and breathe.

This amazing stretch can be done anywhere. My recommendation is to find a place where your mat fits, so you would usually need 2 squared meters. Since this is an asana where you’re practically standing on your two feet, you don’t even need the mat this time.

There are two ways you can practice this flow:
1) By holding the pose and breathe for as long as you want. This would help a lot with the strength of your legs, balance and focus.
2) By moving between poses for every breathe you take. One asana for the inhale, another asana for the exhale. This would help a lot with your overall flexibility, balance and peace of mind.

The 3 modifications I made with my arms in this video were:
1) Place my elbow on the leg and extend the other arm.
2) Praying hands on my back.
3) Cow face hands.

Depending on the way you practice this flow, you can hold every pose for 30seconds or more. Or you can move between poses for 1 minute or 3 minutes, for a great start.

Truth is when you focus on breathing deeply, you can feel the change right away.

This asana is great for everybody. Just be careful if you have your knees hurt, then avoid this pose or make it with less aperture of your legs. But first consult with your doctor or physician before trying anything, it’s better to be cautious when it comes to health.