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This is a video of me following free online yoga classes for beginners, specifically: a SarahBethYoga YouTube class!

One thing is having a routine to do every day like the sun salutation but following free online yoga classes allows me to find other asanas and other compilations to appreciate my body and its mechanical properties.

I followed some YouTube classes because they’re convenient for a beginner.

When you’re starting, you need an expert to guide you to understand how your body flows and to enjoy a new subject you have no idea of.

This yoga journey of mine started way back in 2016. Since then, I’ve been enjoying some stretches here and there, whether with a Youtube class or a specific asana for me and my current pain (like the back pain, that is so common in me!).

The way I attend to my Youtube Yoga Classes is with the help of the “View Later” video list. That list is SO convenient! You just add videos whenever you’re navigating and, when the time is right, you visit that list and practice one class. When you’re done, delete that class for the list and *bam*, you have a brand new class at the top for tomorrow. This way I’m sure I’m never repeating classes (which leads to never get bored doing the same routine over and over).

There are several types of yoga and Sarah Beth Yoga covers 4 types. My favorites are Ying Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. (Ying Yoga is very similar to Hatha Yoga).

But if you want a little bit of more intense kind of Yoga, she also covers Power Yoga. The thing is I don’t like to go hard on my yoga class because I also practice Pilates (Blogilates) and HIIT (Chloe Ting) and I’m doing the supermarket visit in my bicycle. So Yoga is my relax time.

Most of her videos are 20 or 30 minutes long, I seriously recommend you to make one daily or at least, 3 weekly. It’s worth it!

But just so you know, I’m only talking about her because I’m following one of her classes in the video. In all honesty, I also like Boho Beautiful Yoga and Antranik.

These 3 people are the best yoga instructor I’ve found so far in the YouTube world and I highly enjoy practicing yoga with them.

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