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Now I’m showing you my standing forward fold beginner mode on!

This is exactly how I started getting myself into the standing forward fold when I was a beginner.

I’m showing you because you might think there is only one way to achieve certain poses but in yoga, there are quite several paths to get there. And this is not the traditional path to get in a forward fold, but this no-traditional way actually helped me faster than the other options.

The trick here is actually bending your knees before and place yourself over your thighs.

This way, your belly will understand its place is on your thighs and your head near your knees.

Then, you will hug your legs without problems.

And now is where the magic starts: you only need to start stretching your knees. I don’t know if stretching is the word I’m looking for, I think unbend is the correct one.

Anyway, by doing this asana this way, you’re only away of the perfect pose by the flexibility of your hamstrings.

Your back doesn’t hurt this way (by placing your first on your thighs, your back finally stretches and releases the pain of compressing all day in a chair!), your coxis doesn’t hurt, the fact that you’re away of your leg is inexistent or the fact that your neck hurts because is flying is also inexistent.

You only need to work of stretching your legs completely.

And guess what? Your legs are stretched most of the time, so you will get to the standing forward fold FASTER with this beginner flow.

This was the first time I did this baby flow (video) and it was the first time I got into the standing forward fold completely.

I hope that you accomplish this asana as well!

The great thing about this pose is that helps a lot with the back, legs and head. You hold this pose for a couple of breathes and you get up as new.

In a normal flow, you’re forward folding for a second and you almost can’t feel all the calm that brings you.

It is now that you’re getting into yoga that you need to stop and feel all of what all the asanas can bring you.

And the forward fold is definitely a healer!

Since you’re standing, you’re not in danger of anything. Feel free to stand up and try it anywhere! 🙂

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