I’m dancing because I found how to pop your blogging numbers! I executed a little experiment on my blog to make my blogging numbers pop and it actually worked! Mandatory dance is needed!

Evolution. As I see it, you can evolve by doing two things: being constant and challenging yourself.

At least on fitness, that’s the case!

But what about blogging? Could this be a general thought where you can be constant = write more often, and challenge yourself = leveling up your content, and all of this would get you to pop your blogging numbers as in an equation?

The curiosity was killing me! I had to try it.

So for the months of May and June of 2020, I wrote 3 times per week on this blog.

This is the graphic that shows the posts I’ve been publishing for the last 365 days.

The graphic shows you how I worked on May and June 2020. But I want to give you context.

At the end of every year, I fill my Social Media Chooser and get a lot of information about the content profiles I need to pay attention to. For this year, I had several candidates. And my blog, since I started filling the Social Media Chooser, is always on the positive growth side.

I studied the 2019 stats and figured that even though I didn’t published the entire year (see the graphic from August to December), I got positive growth at the end of the year.

So, I started 2020 thinking I needed to publish deep long articles to optimize the performance of the blog. And I only published 4 times in January and 1 in March.

But on May, I wonder if there was some kind of algorithm on Google that detected new movement in my blog and rewarded me for being constant with my publications.

I just started studying the YouTube Algorithm and wondered if the Google Search Algorithm worked similarly and pursue that answer.

The YouTube Algorithm respects your frequency, whatever that frequency is, and when is expected of you to upload and publish a new video, it automatically sends you new people.

It seems that the Google Search Algorithm works like this as well.

I just started publishing 3 posts per week for 6 weeks.

So, after several months of almost no publishing, I published one deep long article in March 2020 that called the attention and brought almost the double of visitors of February to my site.

In April, I didn’t publish anything, but the algorithm expected of me to get one deep long article and send me people, regardless. But, notice how they were a little bit less than March, because there was no article.

In May, I started the experiment of publishing 3 times per week and the algorithm sent me a little bit more people.

By June, the algorithm catched up into the idea that it will get 3 articles per week and sent me more people than in March. It also brought me 4% more people that felt like subscribing to my blog.

The algorithm needed to understand for TWO WEEKS that my compromise for publishing was real, constant and consistent before they sent me people who wanted to stay for longer with me!

And now, just 6 months in 2020, I already got the same visits that I got in 2019. And there’s a whole semester to keep growing that bar!

My yearly stats so far (July 2020).

It’s until now that I’m onto the right path of getting the views I got on 2014. Or at least that’s the projection.

If you’re wondering what happened in 2016, I will share in the future why that experiment wasn’t a mistake and how I was unable to know how to read stats in that time! That small number was actually great, I just didn’t understand it at that time.

Anyways, if someone told me in the beginning that the easiest way of popping my blogging numbers was by getting a schedule and publishing the same amount of posts per week on the same days at the same time, maybe this bars were higher!

And imagine if I just focused and wrote in just one language to just one audience, the bars might be even higher!

That’s why I wanted to share this amazing conclusion of a 6-week experiment.

If you are a blogger whose blog has been abandoned by you or the algorithm, have in mind that in just 6 weeks of constant publishing, the Google Search Algorithm will reward you and make sure you get the views your blog deserves!

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