Today I share a mega update on health so we’re all in the same page.

Counter-health (diseases): vaccine for covid-19 is coming soon, now is not the time to relax, keep protecting yourself, wearing a mask, washing your hands!

On physical health: after holding myself for months because of a minor intervention, a doctor told me I was able to go back to workout! Im doing PIIT28, dumbbells, yoga and the 100 burpees a day challenge.

On the mental health: I’m finally sharing what the quarantine has meant for introverts and why we’re secretly happy to live in this era.

Hope you enjoy it!πŸ’™

Blusa: Karen Miller. Short: Leggings Boutique. Calcetas: MalkaChic. Cama: Beautyrest. SΓ‘banas: Beautyrest. Mueble: South Shore.

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