Can’t believe they made my wish come true! So long, when stories started to happen on Instagram, I hoped that Twitter added stories to their app.

I always thought about to sharing my everyday life, moments I like and work I accomplished over there. Just like the beginning. There was a time when you logged in to say “good morning” and you got a reply back. It was a community of people who enjoyed the quiet company of other people.

You always shared that you were hungry or that you were cooking or everyday tasks and we felt happy for you. We wanted to know how you did it. We clapped on your wins. We laughed of your jokes. Sometimes, we decided to hang out and made gatherings of +40 strangers on a public plaza.

But that ended with the accumulation of favs, marketing and politics. When you entered Twitter in the last few years, the people you once felt comfortable with, were writing just with the intention to get favs and not to share what was going on with them. They were writing just to get deals from brands or literally fighting because of politics.

The worse is that even though you tried to find normal tweets from normal people, they were hiding behind a private account or they avoid to publish anything on Twitter. It was impossible to have fun in Twitter anymore.

But then, Parler happened. Don’t get me wrong. I know Twitter has tried to innovate on their own, but Parler was an app that handled conversations differently and was gaining prominence in social media apps, being #9 of the most popular apps on Android.

Only then, Twitter decided to play the Instagram card to not die and worked hard to add stories on their app. And it was the right move.

Since all the tweets are being used to fight or to get favs (or likes as they’re known now), they added a new content creation option to publish normal things that matter to us and that could bring happiness to our Twitter friends.

And that is why Fleets has brought back the Twitter I once loved. I can finally share random things that make me happy and I can see random things from people I like that make them happy without consuming those publications to be intended to accumulate favs or to obtain a choleric reaction from anyone.

If anything, it’s meant to create conversations, again, like in the beginning. Under the stories, there is a small line where you can reply to the fleet you’re watching. And it’s the perfect way of starting the community we were once a part of.

If your intent is to take this opportunity and make it last, you need to do 2 things:

  1. Share your everyday life, again. The things your like, enjoy and accomplish. Take a picture because you like it. Share a selfie because you’re happy.
  2. Silence or block the people whose first fleet was about talking bad about fleets or directly fight them. They’re gonna ruin the experience for you and you don’t need to know about them.

If literally everybody fought in their first fleet, you can follow me, I’m @Queith on Twitter and can’t wait to know you and be a part of a happy community that share moments that we genuinely enjoy. ❤

Blouse: Grandforrest. Leggings: Nike. Christmas tree: National Tree Company. Golden ribbon: PartySpin. Golden ornaments: Sears. Mirror: Fab Glass and Mirror. Sofa: Fleur de Lis. Blanket: CB2.

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