Last Thursday, I got the 5th session of the CEMEX seminar and I learned the knowledge that I really need to solve real life engineering problems.

It all happened after in the audience asked for a book to get a deeper knowledge on the day’s subject, the architects speakers answered with: we don’t have any. However, they job is to solve any problem with or without a book. And that’s the exact moment when I understood everything.

There is a phase in engineering where you have to learn every thing certain materials do and what kind of precautions you need to take to make them work as efficient as possible. But after that, the solutions you will need to implement in real life engineering problems depend on your ingenuity.

The relationship between ingenuity and engineering makes more sense in Spanish than in English.

Meaning that there are no written solutions that you can just consult in this career. You just need to know the basics and then, put your brain to create amazing solutions for every problem that comes your way.

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