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Every project I make it’s an opportunity to get better. This was my first workshop and even though I was excited to create something useful in a new medium, I was hesitant about the joy I’d feel while producing it.

Producing videos is something that I started to enjoy recently. My favorite part is that I can create all the content in just one day. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and you can see, listen and feel exactly what I was trying to say.

The only part that I didn’t evaluate was the edition part. The edition of a normal 10 minute video takes me around 3 days (not full days, but combined with other academic or professional responsibilities).

This raw workshop lasted 1 hour and 37 minutes… it took me a while to make it presentable. In addition, I needed to close my semester, as well. My attention was definitely divided and it wasn’t my intention, I thought I could launch it at the end of November but it seems like I was naïve at making that estimation.

However, I’m still happy with the result and the fact that I did, in fact, deliver the product that I promised.

I really think that I will keep creating workshops for you. They are so digestible for you and me. You can enjoy it, learn it and practice it in one day. I can produce it, record it, teach it in a day. Having the material to work on is so important for a creator because is the promise that such creator has something to give in the launch day, and a video class is perfect for me to be sure that I have something in my hands already. That’s why I feel comfortable with video production.

But I will make better estimates about the delivery time in future workshops, since I don’t want you to feel nervous in the meantime.

Here’s to more workshops in the future. I’m pretty sure you and me are about to level up in our knowledge!

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