I’m happy to share with you the exact moment when blogging became problematic so you can get ahead and avoid this situation. It is important that you take notes and solve these problems for your content marketing strategy 2021. Your blogging career will take off once you solve this, but until that, the best advice is to start a blog without writing, start a blog by coming up to solutions, act on your decisions and rely on your numbers to tweak and grow.

When Blogging Became Problematic.

Most of the problems that I’m going to talk about that you will face in your blogging career are related to revenue, language, content, audience, platform, feelings.

Time and Energy.

I was creating content for other people all the day that, when it came to my blog, I wasn’t feeling the greatest, because what was I going to talk about? I wasn’t able to do the very thing that gave me the job in the first place.

The thing that I thought it would fix that was getting a freelance job where I didn’t need to go to the office so I could actually get more time to update my blog.

Content and Privacy.

On the other type of things that I got as a problem in my blogging career was what kind of content should I post, because there is this fine line when you are sharing too much and when you are sharing too little that is very diffuse, and you really have to set your boundaries straight to actually know what kind of topics you will want to share.

For example: share (only) the good things and be a person that is difficult to relate with or where you are sharing all of your problems and it is more difficult to relate with you because it seems that you are so problematic and you can’t even find a real solution.

So, the real thing and how I solved this, and I hope this helps you, is that instead of just publishing the good times (or) instead of just publishing the bad times when they were happening, I tried to start sharing the good times and also the bad times but (telling you) how I solved them, because that is how my audience will grow from their own difficulties.

Problems are part of your personal life, your private life!, you have the option to share them or to keep them but in a way that is beneficial to you, that it doesn’t ruin your image. And not for your current audience only, but also for your future family.

Numbers and meaning.

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The other problem that you will have to solve in your blogging career is that your numbers, mostly, are public and those numbers mean something always.

No matter the number, you will always feel that your numbers are too low or are too high.

And if they are too low, you’ll feel that why are you sharing the thing that you’re sharing? If the thing that you were sharing is so important that somebody has to know, then why your audience isn’t growing? Then, why your views aren’t growing? Then, why your subscribers aren’t growing? Isn’t this thing or this post or this article or this video a great issue that you found how to solve that should caught the attention of more people and that you are really giving them the solution? Then why your numbers aren’t growing?

If your numbers are too high, then why you are getting so little traction? Then, why you’re earning so low income?

If you are giving so much time to this activity that you, at least, would have to earn something so your time is valuable. You can’t just depend on numbers to eat… unless those numbers are dollars.

No matter how little or how big your numbers are, you will always question yourself: what are you doing and if those numbers mean something.

Platform and Media.

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Other problem is about the platforms. And I’m not just talking about the beginning. You will ask yourself every once in a while if you are in the right platform or if you are creating the right content.

A year you will need to create, not just written content, but also audio content.

And the other year, you will need to start creating video content.

And the next year, you will have to start creating multimedia content (graphics and photos).

And the next year, you will have to ask yourself: so, should I keep updating that blog as it is or should I divide my content between my public blog and my private email list? Should I move my personal blog to a private blog where only (the) people that is subscribed can get my news? But, what is the cost of that? Because, if I’m only writing these articles for the thirteen people that are subscribed to my email list, then how am I supposed to grow my email list?

You actually need to be quick to solve this problem because your audience will not wait for you to decide. They will actually decide for you and they will, most likely, go to the next person that is updating regularly.

Audience and voice.

Other thing that I noticed when blogging became problematic is that there is a moment when you ask yourself: who are you writing for? Who is your audience? Who is reading you? Because it seems like the more time you have in blogging, the more your audience is mixed, specially if you didn’t set boundaries correctly about this issue.

You will have friends, you will have colleagues, you will have people you met, and you will have people that is eager to read you that need your answers.

Are you writing for your friends? For your family? For the people that know you personally? Or are you writing in a professional way?

I mean, your professional audience might be happy that you went on a trip but they are eager to know how they can do that trip for themselves.

And this is a very common problem that you will need to solve internally. Every time that you publish a new article, you will need to modify your voice. You will need to modify the way you create this piece because you will have to remind yourself, constantly, that you are not writing this just because of the sake that you did this trip.

You are creating this trip article to help other people.

And you have to find that specific point of view that you are comfortable sharing that you did that trip but also comfortable enough to know that you are solving some kind of trouble with that trip.

Revenue and growth.

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Another type of problem that you will need to solve is the revenue.

You have to earn a little something to balance the fact that you are spending time so you can eat and keep creating these pieces of content.

At the same time, you will face the fact that you will need to create more public content so you can keep reaching more audience and you can keep attracting them. So you will need to keep creating public content.

Now, here comes the real problem: deciding what kind of content will need to be premium and what kind of content will need to be public.

What if that piece of premium content was the one that was going to became popular and attract you the more visitors and turn into subscribers and it would help you to create a bigger portion of your audience?

Even though you are trying to solve this issues for good, these kind of problems will come like at least every year.

You will ask yourself when you see the kind of improvements that your numbers had made in this time.

You will ask yourself: the things that I’m doing now, are the ones that I should be doing so I can keep growing my business? …so I can keep growing in my blogging career? …so the things that I’m doing now, are the only way to do it?

And all these decisions combined have a lot of different results that you will need to try.

Language and translation (subtitles).

The language problem that you will need to solve, if you are in my shoes, is the fact that if you have two languages, or three, or four, then you will always ask yourself: what is the best language to publish my pieces in?

One language might be the one that opens the door for you but, what if you take too much time creating content in that language? What if the time you took to create you could actually (use it) to create subtitles for that piece or create double articles? What if you were supposed to open the doors for a lot of people to know your language, and your country, and your culture?

Final thoughts.

The very next year you will have the same questions and you will have to rely on numbers to see if you made the right decisions.

But the thing is, even though these kind of problems are the problems you will face in your blogging career, you will have to have a way to solve them, and then you will have to make the decision, and keep on going on your decisions.

Take the time to understand these problems. Take the gut to make those decisions that need to be made. Take the time to understand your audience’s needs. And when you take those decisions and start acting on them, will be the very second when your blogging career will start to take off!

And, if God allows us, we will see each other very very soon. Bye!


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