In today’s video, I invite you to know when you’re blogging, what are some things to consider! The real art of having a blog is more than publishing, that is why I share these blog article writing tips, this way you’ll pay attention to the details and will get traffic to your blogger website in no-time!

One-Topic Articles Only.

The first thing to consider when blogging is to write one-topic only articles. It would be better if your entire blog is dedicated to one niche only. But I can assure you even though if you write for different niches or about different topics, the only way your blog can really find some success is when you share one-topic only articles.

And why this happens is because when people search for something online and you are writing those answers that they need, they can find your article. And if your article absolutely answers what they were questioning themselves, then, you’ll have success in your blog or that article.

If you distract yourself in just one article, you will lose the attention of one person that was possibly your future and potential subscriber, just because you decided to write about multiple topics in one single article.

Write without limits.

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Another thing to consider is to write without limits. Your post should be long enough. Long enough for you to explain what you know entirely and long enough to attract your audience’s attention and answer their doubts.

Truth is newspapers try to have this limit on words but because they dedicate themselves to a printed media. That means their space is limited. But on the Internet, on your computer, on your blog, you don’t have such limits.

So, it’s best to explain yourself entirely, explain everything you know, so your future readers can understand your point of view, and understand entirely a new subject.

Save time writing.

The other thing to consider when blogging is to write in certain order. This way you can save time writing to spend it on the things you really want.

If you have a certain order developed already, you can skip this advice. But if you need to save time writing you can access to The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes (Amazon & Store).

Link older articles.

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Other thing to consider when blogging is to, whenever you finish writing a new article, remember to re-read what you wrote and try to link to older articles. This way you can re-live related posts in your blog just by linking to them and giving your audience more context on a certain topic.

Don’t forget to link your older posts!

Schedule future posts.

Other thing to consider is knowing when people will be visiting your blog. You can find this specific stat in your analytics tab. And this usually tells you when the most people is visiting your blog or is about to visit your blog.

This is important because you, strategically, can schedule your future posts one hour before your most popular hours. This way, when your blog is expected to get more visits, new people will get new material to read so they can stay longer in your blog.

Add popular tags.

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Other thing to consider is to add tags and categories to your articles. The truest advice I can give you here is to only add fifteen tags and categories. This means the sum of your tags and categories must be fifteen maximum. This way, your platform won’t classify you as spam.

If you have some troubles finding new tags, popular tags, or new categories for your blog, click here to access the most popular tags in the WordPress platform for today.

This updates daily, so, if you’re writing a new article in four days, make sure to check this link, so you can have more tags to add to your posts.

Add primary photo.

Other thing to consider is to add a primary photo in your article. This helps you in two scenarios.

  1. The first one is that, when you add a photo, you have an extra opportunity to attract your future audience because images can speak one thousand words with just one look.
  2. And the second scenario is to build up your future theme. Most of WordPress themes have this specific feature where you can add a photo and somehow your homepage becomes this beautiful magazine that is worth to look at.

So, don’t forget to add a photo to every article that you write!

Add introductory text.

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Another thing to consider when blogging is to add an introductory text so you can give a summary to your readers about what your post is about.

You can write that at the beginning of the article in the first paragraph or you can add that text in the specific box where you can your introductory text.

This also helps you in two scenarios:

  1. First, (it) helps you with SEO because this text will be displayed when people are looking for answers in search engines.
  2. And this will also help you to build your magazine type of blog.

(About what to write), actually, you can copy your best paragraph of the article, so people know where you are heading with your writing in that specific article. This way you can still attract them, they will reach to that paragraph and know that what you were promising in that article at the beginning is true because they found the exact paragraph that you promised at the beginning.

Publish everywhere.

Other thing to consider is to publish in every platform that you have available. This way you will have presence in all of the platforms and you won’t have doubts about if you need to be in that platform or another.

This way your content will reach more people and you might even surprise yourself about what your content can do or can’t do in certain platforms.

At least on WordPress, you can do this automatically if you check certain box where you can share every article that you publish in other places.

A great feature that WordPress has added natively is the option to create Twitter threads with the content of your blog.

This is specifically important because it seems that Twitter threads are gaining a lot of attention and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of being active on Twitter, sharing your Twitter threads of everything you wrote in your posts.

Rinse and repeat.

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And the last but not least thing to consider when blogging is to rinse and repeat.

Try to make all of these steps as frequently as possible because the more you write, the more opportunities you have to earn your audience’s attention and make your blogging from hobby to a career!

This is everything I have for you today. I hope that you like this article and I hope that God allows us to see each other very very soon. Ciao!


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