Katherine of the past shares with you why do bloggers create personal websites instead of using ready made platforms. It’s because THEY ARE SCARED. Follow me on this one.

I got a question (from) Alex Chalmers on Quora (and he) asks me: why do bloggers create personal websites instead of using ready made platforms? And that’s a really great question because I have asked myself just that a lot of times, because I feel it’s easier for bloggers to use a ready made platform because bloggers just want to write, just want to publish.

Ready made platforms are ready for you to publish.

You just need to add your words, your media, your photos, your videos, and hit publish. That’s amazing. I mean, you just need to express yourself.

But, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers, who just want to express themselves, creating a personal website from scratch, which I think is fine, but it’s a complicated way to do it.

My friends, who do this, instead of using a ready made platform… I have asked them why? Why did they decide to start their personal website from scratch? (Why did they decide) to build one?

And I’ve found two main reasons.

  1. The first one is because they asked for help to the most tech-savvy person they know. And most of the cases, the most tech-savvy person they know is people who make websites from scratch, (people who code).

    So, they obviously will tell them: “well, the most perfect way to start a blog is to create one by yourself, blalala…“. Why? Because they believe in freedom.

    By freedom, I mean, they want to express their personal view even with the code and how the personal site looks. And they don’t believe in using a theme, for example.

    They want to create a theme. They want to be the only responsible person for how their blog looks.

    That’s the first reason why bloggers build their personal website from scratch (instead of using ready made platforms). Because they asked for help to the most tech-savvy person, even though the areas of knowledge are not particularly the same.

    For example, a blogger wants to express their self by publishing; but a coder, a programmer, a developer, a systems engineer wants to express their self by creating things (that) give you the look and feel (they desire to communicate) and that’s how they express their self. If that makes any sense… I think it does.
  2. And the second main reason why bloggers build websites from scratch is because they are scared. Follow me on this one. They are scared for their first project to be known by their acquaintances.

    So, they don’t ask for help to anybody. They don’t want anybody who they know to know they are starting a blog, so what do they do? They Google!

    They google. And as you know, well, I don’t know if you know. But you might have noted that domain stores and hosting stores are PROs at making ads.

    So what is the first link that they find when they look like “where do I start my new blog?”. Obviously they find these stores! Domain stores and hosting stores with a lot of tutorials on how to make their first blog.

    So that’s why the second reason bloggers start their blog by creating a personal website (instead of using ready made platforms).

    They don’t find places like WordPress.com or Medium.com.

    They find the other stores, so they start in a really complicated way because the only thing they want… the only thing bloggers want is to express themselves by communicating (through) audio, video, or text. So, what do they find? A lot of complicated things and, most of the time, blogs don’t look like they want to, like, there are a lot of complicated thing all around.

So, what do I think about this? I think that if bloggers, first-time bloggers, if they knew…! If the first thing they knew was Medium or WordPress, WordPress.com, they would have the expression time easier. They would love to create a blog and I really think that a lot of blogs would be alive today still if they went for those ready made platforms. That’s what I really really think about it.

So I hope this little answer helps you if you ever wondered why bloggers don’t use ready made platforms because that’s what they really need. And I’ll see you in the next question or in the next article I do. Ciao!

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