Keep reading to learn how to clean your blog to find what works. These clean ups are some blogging tips for beginners that actually work because they help you to understand your market, find your niche, clean your blog for SEO purposes and triple down your efforts on the content that provides value to your audience.

How to clean my blog to find what works.

Today I’m going to share with you how to clean your blog to find what works, to understand your market, to find your niche, and to send a better message to the search engines.

1. Clean your less visited posts to understand your market.

The first things that I like to clean are my posts. To clean the posts with 10% of visits (if you have 700 subscribers, clean the posts with less than 70 visits in a year), as the market has spoken, I like to go on a yearly basis, so I go to the Years tab. Then, WordPress will automatically fix that (graph) view for me and (show all my stats) yearly.

I’m going to click on the year (that I want to clean), and then I’m going to go to the Post & Pages (section). The Post & Pages will show me every post that has been visited during all the year that I chose (in my case, I clicked on 2020), whether that post was published on that year or before.

The blue rectangles tell me that this post was published on the year that I chose. This is how I know. Since (the post with the blue rectangle) is above 72 (visits during all 2020), I’m going to leave that.

And this (other example with less than 72 visits) is the post that hasn’t get any views. So, I’m going to click on View. And proceed to do the clean up.

On the lower right corner, click on the Edit button. Click on Status & Visibility on the upper right corner. Then click Public and set your post to private and that’s how you will start to understand what your audience wants and needs from you.

Try to triple down your efforts on the things that work on your blog (the posts that survived the cleanse!).

This is the first clean up that you will need to do. The first clean up will help you to understand what the market is saying to you.


2. Clean your categories with 0 posts to find your niche.

The second clean up will help you to find your niche. The second clean up is about the categories. So, we’re going to go under Posts in your menu that is on the left (in our WordPress dashboard) and then you will click on Categories.

Here you will find the categories.

The categories are only going to count the public articles. Since you already hid the post that were not getting traction, some categories might be at zero. This is a great message for you that you should stop writing about those specific categories with zero public posts and pay attention to the categories that survived to find your niche.

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3. Clean your tags with 0 posts for SEO purposes.

The last but not least way that I clean up my blog to find what works is that I go to the Tags section.

And (since) we already hide the posts that were not getting traction, and we already deleted the categories that didn’t have any post so we could find our niche, now is our time to clean our tags for SEO purposes.

So, we are going to do the same kind of process that we did back there (in) the categories, and we are going to delete everything (that has zero posts) here.


Summary of the clean ups.


  1. Posts are cleaned because your market has spoken.
  2. Categories are cleaned so you can find a niche.
  3. Tags are cleaned for SEO purposes.

Why you need to clean up your blog.

This clean up is super important specially if you have a WordPress blog. Why? Because WordPress creates a new directory or page for everything. So, if you have a kind of page that is not moving or is not receiving visits… this kind of activity doesn’t send a well message to the search engines. Therefore, it won’t be pushing your content and it won’t get you any more visitors or subscribers. And your work will be in vain.

So, with this clean up we want to avoid that. We want to understand our data. We want to understand our audience. And we want to create a future plan of publishing content in our blogs.

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How frequently should you clean up your blog.

If you have never cleaned your blog, this might be the best time to do it. Don’t sweat if you haven’t even imagined about doing this for the last few months. I only do this clean up once in a year.

Who needs to clean up their blog.

To proceed to this clean up of your blog, you also have to have the right mindset.

This clean up is well suited for you if you have a business mindset. This means that you are writing a blog to create some kind of income, some kind of lifestyle, some kind of business, then this clean up is for you.

But if you are writing your blog in terms of legacy, it is best for you to not hide your posts, to not delete them, (to not make them private), to not (delete) the categories, and to not delete the tags. Because you don’t care about what is happening right now, you care about the future.

And also, if you have a hobby mindset, you don’t actually make this clean up because you don’t care about numbers, don’t care about data. You enjoy so much the art of creating and publishing a post that that creates a (sense of) fulfillment for you and that’s it. So you don’t have to proceed to do this clean up.

This clean up is only adviced for people that have this business mindset in their blogging efforts.

That’s everything that I have for you today. I hope that you liked this article. And I hope that God allows us to see each other very very soon. Bye!


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