Today I’m going to share the importance of being the only one writing. I have 7 ideas of why it is very important to be the only one writing and I really think that these will help you in your blogging career, your writing career, or in your journaling hobby at least.

The importance of being the only one writing.

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Anthropology Perspective.

I want you to think if you ever went to a museum and then you were fascinated about the things you saw.

When I went to the Ceren Jewel, I had the opportunity of seeing these constructions, I saw these little pots and benches. I just could imagine on what type of things, families, stories, gatherings, reunions happened there.

And the real thing is that even experts can only imagine what happened there. But nobody has the exact data on what happened. Anthropologists just can make these assumptions of what happened in those places.

But the truth is if we only had one piece of paper, or one drawing, or one word that could explain something, we would have a lot of more depth of what happened there and what antique civilizations were doing and how their normal days actually affected us in our own evolution.

Just one word, just one advice, just one shortcut.

Just one word (could) have a lot of meaning.

For example, in 100 years, my family will see this video or a strange group of people will find my house and maybe find this pillow and know exactly that this was the room of a woman because that word says Darling over there.

The importance of being the only one writing is to be able to give clues, not just to your current audience but also to the future one.

Just imagine what one word could do for you or could do for your future audience. Just imagine what one word could do for us if those people in our old civilizations wrote something.

We could only imagine how they were living but we could not know exactly what they were talking about or how they became this kind of big civilizations, or why they went extinct, or why they left, if there is something that is going to happen in our lands, anything.

We just needed one paper, we just needed one word, we just needed one advice from them. And we don’t have them. We just can throw lines here and there and just imagine what did happen there.

The good thing, or at least one of the things that I’m really proud of of the Ceren Jewel: that construction means that there were normal people, like you and I, in antique civilizations.

I mean, most of the time we see those amazing temples and castles and stuff were all the kings of antique civilizations used to live, but thanks to the Ceren Jewel now I have this evidence that someone like me also lived back there.

Someone normal, someone that has to cook their meal every day, someone that has to take a bath every day, work every day, write every day, study every day just to be able to live. And that’s amazing but I would really love if I had a little more of depth of that knowledge.

And you can be that normal person writing right now to give future evidence to your own audience.

I mean, I’m going a little way there talking about like old civilizations but what if you could be that normal person that writes something normal and meaningful to give some kind of clue to the future people of what were some things that you thought, and you developed, and you created, and you analyzed to make your life better, to make your normal life better.

And that is the first importance of being the only one writing.

I don’t want to left that way of thinking there. I want you to think about this in a really deep way.

Direct connection perspective.

If you were the only one writing, you are a direct connection to a different era. And I’m not just creating this stuff, I’m actually sharing data here.

A few days ago, I saw a recipe that a 90 year old woman got from somebody when she was 9. And that person that shared the recipe with her had like 75 years old when she shared the recipe. That means that her sharing that recipe today is a direct connection to the 1860s. Just think about that.

And she had the opportunity of having that recipe shared directly to her. But you have the opportunity in this era to share a lot of knowledge in an indirect form.

What that means? It means that this article will reach a lot of people that I don’t even know in person. They might have now the courage to be the only one writing and start documenting their lives to the future people.

It’s not just about being the only one writing, it’s about being a direct connection between time.

Time travel perspective.

If you were excited about time traveling, the best way to time travel right now is to write. Write right now, document your life, encapsule those anecdotes, that knowledge, those advices, those shortcuts, write them, publish them and help the future civilizations.

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Gift perspective.

When you are the only one writing, you have more than just an opportunity. You are giving knowledge, time, dedication, love to your current civilization, your current audience and to your future civilization, (your future audience).

When you are the only one writing, it’s not just a responsibility, it’s an act of love, it’s an act of giving away, it’s a gift that you are giving. You are giving your time to register your present, to document it and to share it with the people that you have around, with the people that is not around but it’s connected to you through the Internet. But you are also giving away your knowledge to the people that isn’t even born yet.

You don’t know who you are writing for.

Even though when marketers say that you have to imagine who is your person and stuff. But the truth is you don’t know who is on the other side of the screen. You don’t really know who are you giving this gift of knowledge, who are you giving this advice, who are you giving this shortcut. And you don’t even know how much they needed to know from you.

The importance of being the only one writing is that you have the responsibility, the privilege, and a gift in your hands to give away, to help another life. Writing or sharing knowledge in any way, type or form, is a gift to change someone’s life.

And maybe this person is in need to know what you know. Maybe this person doesn’t have the right parents, the right friends, the right counselors. But they have Internet and they have you. And you somehow appeared on their screen.

Don’t waste that opportunity and give away your knowledge, give away that advice. Help them. Share that. That is the importance of being the only one writing.


Honor perspective.

Because when you are the only one writing, believe it or not, you are part of the 1%. For every writer, there are 100 readers. That means if 100 people saw something, only 1 is going to write about it.

And what happens if you decide not to write about it? If you don’t register what happened, maybe nobody would know ever what happened. And maybe you had the answer, and maybe you knew how to solve it.

But if you decide not to write, now nobody will know how to solve it if that ever happens in another side of the world. If you decide not to write, 100 people will not know the knowledge that you have.

Loneliness perspective.

Whenever you felt the most lost in life, what did you need? You needed knowledge. You needed to know what was going on. Just imagine if you decided to write, how many people you would help, how many people would feel less lost.

That is the importance of being the only one writing. Remember, it is not just a responsibility, it is a gift, it is a privilege, it is a great honor to be in the place of the people who is helping. Because it means that you are in a better life position that it is in your hands to be able to help other people, whether is with knowledge, advice, tricks, shortcuts, etcetera.

Don’t waste that type of privilege that you have right now. That is the importance of being the only one writing. You are helping somebody and you don’t even know it.

These people might be connected to you and you don’t even know where they are, and you don’t even realized that they’re there, but the truth is thanks to you they are not alone. Because you helped them. You helped. You shared your knowledge, you tried to give away solutions, you tried to share shortcuts, so they are not alone anymore.

But guess what? You are not alone either.

It happened to me a few days ago, that I was trying to write my TinyLetter and I thought that who’s writing a TinyLetter anymore!? I mean, why should I do that? I already have a newsletter where I share all my new blogposts. I have a podcast, I have a blog, I have this Twitter, I have this Instagram, I have almost every social media there is… so, why should I write my TinyLetter?

I just felt like I wanted to but I didn’t have like a really good reason. I started to look up on Twitter in the Search Bar for “TinyLetter” to see if anybody was writing about a TinyLetter. And I saw that there were a lot of people still writing TinyLetters.

And then I realized: hey, I’m not the only one writing a Tinyletter! I’m not alone. If I feel like writing a TinyLetter, I should just do it, I should just write, because I want to. So, I did, and it was amazing, and I guess I’ll be doing that every month.

If you want to subscribe to my TinyLetter where I share all the milestones and all the strategies that I did to get those milestones subscribe here because it’s going to be a free monthly edition of a TinyLetter.

As a writer, it is a lonely kind of profession, it is a lonely type of work, but it’s worth it. And remember, just because no one is in your room when you are sharing your knowledge, when you are documenting everything you know, doesn’t mean that you are alone.

We are a lot of people trying to share everything that we know in our bedrooms, in our living rooms, in our loneliness, so don’t feel lonely. Because even though we are not with you, we’re all in this together, we’re all writing alone and we are just waiting to read somebody’s post to see how it can help us. Remember that always.

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Teaching perspective.

And when you feel that you are too alone, remember that you are part of the 1% that is sharing knowledge. Just remember your teachers.

When your classrooms were full, there was one person that knew it all.

I don’t know if you have thought about this but actually teachers get paid to learn. Even though we are used to see them in full classrooms, the truth is that they had to study alone to learn what they knew to then, come back to teach us.

It is that way for us but we are not in the middle of a classroom, we are in the middle of our bedrooms with our ring light in the front of us.

If they had a lot of alone time to be that type of smart people, then we also are going to spend a lot of alone time to be able to share our knowledge in a compact, digestible way. Don’t be afraid. Even though you are “alone” in your craft, you are not alone.

There are several people doing the exact same activity than you and you can just search for them on Twitter to realize that everybody is writing a book, everybody is writing a new blogpost, a new TinyLetter… just go ahead and search it. That way you might feel less lonely in your craft.

But if you ever, if you ever feel lonely, just remember that this tree will give its fruits in the future. You are sharing knowledge today, but the real fruits will be seen in the future. You are giving shortcuts today, but the real applications will be seen in the future. It’s just a matter of patience on your end to see it in the concrete world.

Don’t be discouraged, because all of these things are the importance of being the only one writing.

Love perspective.

And the last but not least thing to think about being the only one writing is that fruits that I was talking about might be even your closest family. You have no idea how you are helping them in the future.

You are actually giving shortcuts to the people you love the most. You are helping them to be able to be a better version of themselves just by sharing your mistakes, your knowledge, your shortcuts, your advice.

You are making this world a little bit better and that is the true importance of being the only one writing. Because… what are we looking for? We are looking for pieces that are published (to answer our doubts), we are looking for books, we are looking for knowledge, we are looking for videos, we are looking for podcasts.

We eager knowledge. We just don’t do it like before. We just don’t want it to be news. We just don’t want it to be movies…

We want normal people, like in the antique civilizations, to feel like a normal person is sharing that advice with us because that advice will actually work for normal people. And that’s what we want.

Imagine just how stronger your message will be if that people that is going to receive your knowledge is actually your future family. It will be a greater message for them because they are sure that the person that is giving away this knowledge is not just a normal person, is a person like them, with the same DNA.

Now they have a path to follow to solve their issues and to be a better version of themselves and make this world a little bit better.

And that is the true importance of being the only one writing.

I hope this article helps you and I hope that God allows us to see each other very very soon. Ciao!

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