This is also known as Reverse Engineering, the capability to have a goal or a vision and sharpen your skills to pursue just that. To understand and have a list of steps of what needs to be done in order to accomplish the goal you set in the beginning. It seems that the most loving advice you can get in this time and age is to have one sharpened skill that will help you to survive in this world, and then several skills that are general. That is how you reverse engineer your life. So, what will be the one goal and the one skill that you will sharpen for the rest of 2021?

What Works is to do Everything Backwards.

This art or this ability to do everything backwards it’s also known as reverse engineering.

A few years ago, I gave a talk that was named like this but in terms of Blogging. Some of the things that I said in that time, also applies today. And I also believe in some things that I said in that talk about Blogging, but as time goes by, I’ve noticed that this Reverse Engineering thing doesn’t apply to just Blogging.

I want to go some-what more specific but also, in a way, more deep than that because what I have seen is that Reverse Engineering works in a lot of places.

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Reverse Engineering is the ability to think about the end result and then, start working towards that end result.

Some people use it like a vision board, other people set goals and create to-do lists, but this (Reverse Engineering) tool helps you to focus, to laser focus on to just one thing that you will actually use and (helps you) to be able to pursue just that.

Taking this Blogging topic apart, I could say to you that this (Reverse Engineering) has helped me a lot in my professional career.

You set a goal and then you go and do everything you can to accomplish that goal.

The Educational plan is actually that you should be a Jake of All Trades, that you have to know a little bit of something but you actually don’t know anything at all. You are just familiar but they are just trying to give you the tools to learn on your own sharpened.

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I guess that’s ok but, to be honest, to survive in the real world, you need, at least, one sharpened skill. Just one and a bunch of other skills that you may have some kind of knowledge but you are not so great at them, you are just familiar with them… but (what) you really need is one type of sharpened skill to survive.

I think the plan is that you have to be familiar with everything, so you can decide with facts what are you going to do for the rest of your life.

Even though that’s great, and I’m thankful for that opportunity to be able to see a lot of fields inside of my industry, to be honest, it’s a lot to take on.

When in the real world, you just need one thing.

At least in my job is what I’m trying to do, to be able to do my limited functions the best I can. That is the Reverse Engineering that I’m applying into the real world because my current goal is to keep learning inside of my industry with that job, and to be able to maintain that source of income because it’s great for my family.

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To be a part of this industry is a great honor and that is why I’m trying to sharpen my skills every day to keep pursuing this career inside of my industry, the industry that I chose.

But, to be honest, the only way that I have found so far to be able to be a part of this industry is to sharpen just one skill, to find that skill, and go and work towards that every day.

Yes, having certain knowledge in all of those fields or areas inside of engineering is also great but, to be honest, is not adding a lot of stuff to my current functions. That is one of the things that I wanted to share with you today.

I started to ask questions, I started to buy the books that I really need to survive, and to sharpen my skills that I need at my job, and to be able to be a part of this industry for a long long time.

It’s not like I’m going to be changing fields inside of my Engineering career like every month. It’s just one skill, one very sharpened skill that you need to accomplish that goal that you set (for yourself) when you were trying to reverse engineer, and then having a bunch of other extra general kind of skills that will help you towards that goal.

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I didn’t want to just focus on Blogging because most of the time, the advice that one gives you is about the things that have work on this side, but not necessarily will work for you. And I’m not telling you (this) because I want to keep my secrets or stuff, I’m actually telling you this because during all of this years, I’ve seen and I’ve consumed a lot of educators and some of their advice, I tried to follow them and I got nothing from them.

The day that everything started to get serious was when I stopped and I analysed everything that I had around me, and I started to taking actions on the things that were in my hands, in my abilities to keep working towards that.

Once I went inside of everything, I was able to place an order to everything outside and to be able to understand a lot of things. And that is why I don’t want to go specific just about Blogging or just about careers or just about writing a book.

Maybe it’s time for us to stop taking external advice.

Pay attention to what you can do, sharpen that one skill that will help you to survive this world. At the end of the day, you have to be useful to this society, you have to have something that is helpful to build the world you want to live in.

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You have to be a doer. A maker.

You just can’t be in this position to ask that everything is better but ask for it from the commodity of your couch. You have to have something in your hands to be able to build that world you want to live in, or to be able to have the future you want your family to have.

At the end of the day, I’m just sharing all of my observations with the best intention, because believe it or not, I like to come back to this articles and see how far I’ve gone or how I was thinking the days that I was really excited, happy, or the days that I had a really great illusion, or the days that I was starting to take a certain path, or start a certain project.

I like to go back to read those articles and see my (personal) development and see how my ideas (have) changed.

That is the thing that I wanted to share today with you about reverse engineering. I hope that you liked this article and I hope that God allows us to see each other very very soon. Ciao!

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