In the last few days, I’ve been getting more movement in the newsletter topic. And I’m wondering if newsletters are coming back. I mean, I know you and I use it to be in weekly communication and sometimes to catch up. But a few years ago, email had been declared dead.

However, I understand the urge to have a private space to express your inner thoughts to people who will care, with no judgment from unknown people who only like to judge for a sport.

And if you add the growth of memberships or paid newsletters, where you put a payment wall, it’s only obvious that the newsletters were making a comeback.

However, just about yesterday, this Tax Company declared that it bought MailChimp (the company that owns TinyLetter, the service that I used to send you weekly emails).

This wouldn’t be a deal if I knew TinyLetter would get the attention it deserves.

However, since MailChimp bought TinyLetter, it has been highly forgotten and almost never updated. MailChimp just took away the ability to have a paid newsletter (TinyLetter was one of the pioneers on doing that), and then, they left the corpse to function with its basic form. If MailChimp, a newsletter for profit company, forgot about TinyLetter, what are the chances that a Tax Company will remember about TinyLetter?

You may say that I’m exaggerating. And that might be true. In the end, I just care about the health of a service I used to get in touch with you. I can’t help but get worried after I read you guys on Twitter. You’re as concerned as me about what this acquisition means for TinyLetter (here are the tweets) and you have not so good references about the Tax Company (here is a thread with several reactions and replies).

Let’s get real, though. What am I going to do? If something I have learned in life is that "it is what it is", the only good thing you can do is to adapt quickly and get going. I have moved you to ConvertKit and that is the service I will use to connect with you (you can join my free weekly newsletter over here).

Is the newsletter over for me? No. Quite the contrary. I’m going full newsletter and, even though I said I’ll pause my blog for a few months, I’m taking back my blog, too, in the efforts of making my newsletters somewhat public. That is why most of this week’s videos are related to newsletters. Hope you have the chance to see some of them. All are less than one minute long!

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