Can we talk about the secondary effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

It’s 2021 and people still think the secondary effects of a medicine show after years of application. Well, that’s not how vaccines work.

I assume most of you aren’t allergic to medicines. But if you were, you would have an immediate reaction after taking medication. To avoid a situation like this, after you get your COVID-19 vaccine, you must stay at least 30 minutes in observation, because if anything reacts in your body, you’d be in a hospital to get the care you need.

Until this point, taking the COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

You might be scared of taking medicine or getting the vaccine against CoronaVirus because you think that effects can compound over time. But that’s not how vaccines work.

When you have a disease, you need constant medication to stop the effects and maybe stop the disease.

When the disease hasn’t reached you, you need a vaccine to train your body on how to fight that disease once it comes to you.

Vaccines have just the needed amount of the disease, it’s like you know a marathon is coming and you want to be prepared for it, but instead of just running +42km, you start by training with 400m, this way, your body can adapt and be ready when the big event comes. If it comes.

The advantage is that if your body is trained to run 400m, your second dose might be 4km. (Just a note here, this is an example, this is not how training for sports work, I’m just illustrating the vaccines). Now, they are talking for a third dose, so if your body understood how to run the 4km, in the third dose you might go for the +40km. By the time the event of running +42km comes, your body will be ready to fight.

By getting a vaccine against any disease, you’re showing your body the enemy and helping it to train, to make itself stronger, to be prepared in case such disease happens.

Your body is made by little packages with information that are tied to each other to build you. Your body is learning every day, it is transforming every day, cleaning itself every day, doing most of the work while you sleep, to the point that it renovates completely every 7 years, just to keep you going.

Rumor has it if you had a boyfriend over 7 years ago, it doesn’t count as an exboyfriend because it didn’t have access to the new you, your body doesn’t know him.

Believing your body will show secondary effects in the years to come is to reduce yourself to a thing that isn’t capable of changing or transforming itself. And your body does more than that every single day.

Don’t be scared of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Go and get the vaccine, get all your doses, get the card that says you’re vaccined. Be a part of the group of people that will survive this pandemic. This is a historical event, very similar to the ones you used to read in your books.

Don’t you, at least, want to survive it just to know how it ended?


Katherine Montero.

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