I wish I could tell you everything I’m going through, but I will limit myself to share with you that I finally installed the Chivo Wallet and got the $30USD.

Do you know what the Chivo Wallet is? It is the official wallet to exchange American dollars to bitcoin. Most of you had the opportunity to access bitcoin or any type of crypto, already, and this might not be the biggest news for you. But for a Salvadoran like me, it is a big deal.

In my country, we don’t have a lot of choices. You can’t download to your bank account any dollar you get paid in your Paypal. You can’t even open a Stripe account without creating a company in the United States. Don’t get me started on investments, you can open accounts but you can’t even upload money to your wallet. We were blocked.

But the Chivo Wallet is the Salvadoran government’s way to open that access for us. It is just one type of conversion from now, but the fact that we have a way to access to bitcoin is a thing we didn’t have before.

I was a little bit upset, because I tried to install it the same day it was launched. My phone wasn’t compatible with the app. After 5 days, I could see the app and downloaded it, but it crashed so much that I couldn’t register. 10 days after the launch, I finally could register and got my $30USD.

What is the $30USD that I’m always mentioning? Well, the government also gave $30USD in bitcoin to all of those who signed up to the Chivo Wallet, with the goal of us getting used to paying with crypto.

And thank God that are only $30USD. Since the bitcoin fluctuates like every second, my heart ache when I saw it became $29.53USD. And then, my heart beats faster when I saw it became $30.04USD. I’m not trained to overcome this, but I will get better.

Not gonna lie, I’m happy to see what happens. Right now, my mentality is to hold those $30USD the longest I can. Yes, I saw the video of the guy giving the advice to buy $5USD worth of bitcoin and hold it for 10 years. And that’s my plan, to be honest, but who knows if I’ll find a pretty blouse with a huge discount now that Black Friday is near and that plan goes to waste.

That was a joke. As you can see, I’ve been creating content since 2008, I like to hold things for a very long time. So these are the videos I created this week:

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