Not gonna lie, I was publishing exclusively on YouTube this month and I thought YouTube was going to be the only profile I grew but, SURPRISE!, other profiles grew this month.

With the Internet, things aren’t as easy as if you do A then B happens. That is why you need to be multidimensional. Even though my main focus right now is YouTube, I try to pay attention to other profiles as well, because I never know what will resonate with you more or where.

The only thing I know is that I share my truth in every site I can, in every media I can produce, and somehow, somewhere, my message will finally reach you when we’re both ready to make a connection.

In August/2021, these were the profiles that broke some milestones:

+140 happy dancers on TikTok.

This is something that I quite didn’t tell you at first. But I’m uploading some vertical videos dancing around because I enjoy dancing very much. I’m not expecting this profile to explode anytime soon, I’m enjoying the process, playing with filters, doing some lipsync and having fun. I even think this is one of the networks that gives me more things to talk about with my niece. She’s very clever and tells me: aunt, don’t dance those old trends, like you’re 2 years behind! Hahaha.

+200 curious friends on Quora.

This is one of the networks that I’m really proud of, because people wouldn’t be interested in you if you don’t have anything in your mind to offer. This system works in a way that, if you have good answers, you will be followed, and the people who followed you, will request you to answer their questions and so on.

There is nothing else you can do to survive on this social network more than sharing your knowledge or experiences.

+200 professional colleagues on LinkedIn.

To be able to keep learning about my industry, I started connecting with people inside Construction, Engineering or Architecture. The greatest surprise was when I noticed one of my favourite restaurants in San Salvador was demolished and somebody in my network was working in the structural design of the new place that was going to be build over there. I didn’t have to even ask about what was going on, LinkedIn told me.

August was a cool month, in terms of surprises.
I hope next month is better. 🙂


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