Yoga is the only physical activity I always want to come back to. It is the only type of exercise I can pick myself up for every day in the mornings. Seriously, I tried hard to get up for pilates, weightlifting, dancing and piit sessions, and none of those works as good as yoga does for me. At least not for an everyday session.

Every morning, I can get up to unroll my mat, find a new session on my YouTube “Watch Later” list and start my practice. After my session, I add the next 5 recommended videos in my Watch Later list so I can have plenty of sessions ready for my next day.

A few years ago, I made the decision to start practicing all the things I could inside of my house, because the time consumed in transportation from place to place in my country is something unbearable. I cannot waste that much time only to go to the gym. That is why I love the fact that I can practice yoga inside of my house, I have a small 2m2 space in my bedroom where my yoga mat fits perfectly and a 3m3 space in the living room, too.

In terms of physical activity, yoga is one of the kindest ways to exercise. And one of the smartest, too. It is about stretching your body but strengthening, too. It is about doing with your body, but also with your mind. It is about learning how to breathe to calm yourself, in easy poses and difficult positions. It is about knowing where your limits are but respecting those limits, too. It is about understanding all of what you’re carrying and supporting without having to. It’s very kind.

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And the smart part is this one. Yoga focuses so much on moving your body in difficult positions with the goal of helping you breathe in those difficult positions. This has a goal to help you to calm down when difficulties in life come to you, that it doesn’t matter how hard things get, you always have a peaceful response by just breathing. But also, the only way to burn fat is through oxygen… meaning that the heavier an exercise makes you breathe, the better for your fat burning goals. That is why yoga and swimming (if only I had a pool, I’d love to come back to that, too!) are known as the best way to exercise, they modify your breathing in their sessions so that you can burn more fat.

For now, I’m focusing on more than 20 minutes per session, because I’m getting back into the habit of practicing something everyday to take care of my body. It’s a little bit difficult to move at 93kg, but if I keep this momentum growing, at the end of the year, I will be practicing for 30 minutes every day, with a little bit more energy and flexibility on my side.

And that is why yoga is the only physical activity I always want to come back to, and that is why getting up for other types of exercises is very difficult. Because at this kind of weight, jumping around, going hard on my joints, and having an awful time while exercising is just a way for me to quit the very next day. And I don’t want that. I want to keep going because I’ve been away from a healthy weight and healthy way to respond to external stimuli for too long.

My go to teachers at YouTube are Sarah Beth Yoga, Alo Yoga and Boho Beautiful Yoga. You have plenty of sessions and styles in those 3 channels. And if you want to hang out, sometime, I’ll be uploading or going live for some sessions on my YouTube channel, too.


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