It’s happening, I can feel it!

I’m beyond happy to start seeing some tangible results in my efforts. 4Q is happening! This month I just got 2 milestones but those 2 milestones mean the world to me. These 2 milestones can not come in a better month, for real. For a long time I thought that I would never be able to "make it", I quit, then somehow I came back with another mindset and now I’m celebrating 2 milestones!

LTK: +1
Let’s get real here. Sharing content anywhere it’s pretty easy. But to be a part of an exclusive platform is difficult. Now, getting inside of an exclusive platform could take months, even years… but now, getting some kind of traction on that platform!? Now we’re talking about difficulties. For months I tried everything I could to attract people on LTK but I guess my content wasn’t just good enough… until last week, SERIOUSLY! I had given up on this platform and even uninstalled the app, but somehow I was searching for some data and stumbled upon my profile and noticed that THREE PEOPLE had followed me over there. WHAT! I was all over the moon! LTK is such a competitive platform and for months I thought there was no space for me, even though I got surprisingly accepted, but 3 of you appeared over there and made me feel I belonged. 🙂

YouTube: +400
I’m excited to wake up and see how my channel is growing. For a long time, I thought YouTube was only a backup way to create multimedia content for my blog, nothing else, since I didn’t perceive any growth or interest whatsoever. But I’m happy to share that I’m surfing the wave this network gave me a few months ago and we’re +400 humans hanging out frequently on my channel. I’m sharing shorts, live transmissions, videos and I’m having the time of my life by seeing that I’m not posting to anybody, now I know and feel that somebody is on the other side of the screen and it feels amazing. I cannot thank you enough for this.

It was true what they said, that you need to change something to get different results. And that you need a little bit more time to get results. I’m seeing it now.

Best wishes.


Katherine Montero.

YouTube: KathMontero
LTK: Queith