Sweater season is finally here and I’m about to enjoy it to the fullest. In the next few weeks, I’ll be spending a little bit more time in my house, so the least that I could do is to bring a little detail here and there to refresh the look and start preparing it for the most amazing cold season of the year.

Let’s start refreshing the Living Room. I don’t know what your taste is, but I can share mine. Even though there are literally thousands of colors that you can choose for your walls, in my house we always go for white. It’s great for opening the space, making the temperature a little bit cooler AND it’s versatile. We can change the entire house by taking care of some details here and there.

  1. Wine Darkening Curtain. Changing the curtains color will definitely help you to set the mood for the season. Wine is a very classy color for the holidays and it brings an air of sobriety and elegance to any room. I like to mix them with a chiffon curtain in the middle to create a symmetry in the window, enjoy the brightness of the mornings but also protect my privacy. But if you’re going for the small details, these wine darkening curtains will make you feel christmassy already.
  2. Round Wall Mirror. Talking about opening a space with white walls, another great way to give the illusion of a bigger place is to hang mirrors here and there. And this golden round wall mirror is such a great detail to have. Maybe you’re thinking that mirrors are meant to be in a bathroom or bedroom but not in the living room and I disagree. The minute you’re going out, you can give yourself the last check up to confirm that everything is where it’s supposed to be.
  3. Eucalyptus Wreath. I know that some of you love to respect the respective months but there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of green to remember where we’re going. This beautiful eucalyptus wreath is a very cute green detail to give your living room the refresh it needs, not just because you will have something new to watch, but because it might add something to your scents.
  4. Rati vase. Normally I would go for a simple transparent vase but this gold and white rati vase caught my eye! Look, it will match the walls and the mirror, no doubt, but it will stand out because it has a geometric texture that you just can’t ignore.
  5. Coffee Table Set. I don’t have to explain how necessary it is to have a table set in your living room. These are exactly like the ones I have at my house, except mine are brown, but the utility and the favour that it does to the living room is something that I wish for you this season. Place the vase, the plates to eat cookies on a family reunion, your books, your computer, etc.

You can achieve so much with small details like this one. Yes, you will feel christmassy but I did respect the fall season and haven’t asked you to install your Christmas Tree yet. Just a couple of details to start enjoying the cold breeze. 🙂

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Best wishes.


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